Thames Path - Stage 8: Hampton Court to Shepperton

Sun, moored up boats and a giant model of Shrek. Goodbye London, hello Surrey.

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A Sunday Picture - The best sign you can see outside a pub when walking

Pint in the walkers picnic garden?

Other Articles - The Two Car Method of Walking

Drive, leave one car, drive, leave second car, walk, drive in second car to first. Go home.

A Sunday Picture - The most depressing sign you can see when you really want a cup of tea


Equipment - Long Distance Walking Equipment Guide: Waterproofs

Everything you need to know about keeping dry.

A Sunday Picture - The Michelin Guide Was Here

He will not be hurrying back.

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 Downs Link: Let’s Play i Spy

Spot the railway bits and pieces, and get points!

 Toot Toot! Steam trains on the Coast to Coast

They say that steam trains and walking go hand in hand. Quite who “they” are, I have absolutely no idea. But say it they do.

 St Bees Boot Wetting

Splish splash! TIme to wet those boots at the start of the Coast to Coast walk.

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