Photographing and sharing: 10 years of using flickr

It’s been ten years since I purchased a digital camera, and uploaded the results online.

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The easiest cheese sandwich for the long distance walker

Ditch the pre-made plastic triangles sandwiches, and over-cooled shrinkrapped rolls, and make your own tasty lunch!

Pennine Way Stage 8: Malham to Horton-in-Ribblesdale

When you start the day with Malham Cove, you may think things could only get worse. You’d be wrong.

Pennine Way Stage 7: Gargrave to Malham

Heavy rain and a dead sheep. Perhaps not the best way to start walking the Pennine Way.

Pennine Way Stage 6: Earby to Gargrave

Grassy fields, canals and farmland? Is this really the Pennine Way?

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The Walks

Walking is what it's all about. Well this site anyway.

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The Weekly Photograph

A fell-top picnic

Introducing a small child to the fun of eating lunch whilst being battered by the wind.

Huts on the hillside

Shimmering in the sun; a delightful view from the Queyras Alps in France.

More from 'The Weekly Photograph'

Monkey Island: Thames Style

Just what do the Monkey Island computer games have to do with the Thames Path?

Dales Way: Crossing the Border

A momentous part of the Dales Way journey. That actually doesn’t really change much.D

Dales Way: The Cow-ening

Hitchcock never wrote that seminal film, The Cows, but if he had, would he have set it on the Dales Way?

Dales Way: Looking up a random hill

I went up a hill to see what I could see.


One of the best things about walking is all the great views you get to see. So why not head off on a photographic tour of the walks I've been on?

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