Surprising things you see on a walk #5: a stash of road signs

Published 29 March 2015

On a bridleway in a tunnel in Norway, what else will you see than road signs.

Monkey Island: Thames Style

Published 25 March 2015

Just what do the Monkey Island computer games have to do with the Thames Path?

Surprising things you see on a walk #4: a scary stone monster

Published 22 March 2015

What’s that scary stone monster on the hillside?

Planning an East Highland Way walk

Published 18 March 2015

The perfect walk to explore the Highlands, whilst also avoiding the crowds.

Surprising things you see on a walk #3: someone encouraging you to cheat

Published 15 March 2015

Useful information targeted at walkers at a bus stop? That is most unexpected.

East Highland Way Day 6: Kincraig to Aviemore

Published 11 March 2015

Tree sculptures, a trek through forests, a bothy and people just everywhere as we arrive at Aviemore.

Surprising things you see on a walk #2: a graveyard

Published 8 March 2015

The long forgotten Old Barnes Cemetery lurks at the edge of a public footpath.

East Highland Way Day 5: Newtonmore to Kincraig

Published 4 March 2015

History, bird watching and a visit to a top 5 restaurant view in Europe.

Surprising things you see on a walk #1: a rocket

Published 1 March 2015

Oh, okay, of course it’s not a rocket. It’s far worse.

East Highland Way Day 4: Feagour to Newtonmore

Published 25 February 2015

From a waterfall, back to where we came from, and over the moors to the bright lights of Newtonmore.

Shadow pointing

Published 22 February 2015

Two people. One pointing at the other. In shadow.

East Highland Way Day 3: Tulloch to Feagour

Published 18 February 2015

The longest section of the East Highland Way goes through forests and alongside lochs. And is made even longer by a nice detour.

What’s that growing out of that tree?

Published 15 February 2015

Fungi of the East Highland Way.

East Highland Way Day 2: Spean Bridge to Tulloch

Published 11 February 2015

Taking a detour to pay respects to the commandos, a trip down the river and some cult 1960s television.

Waiting for the bus

Published 8 February 2015

There are worse places to do wait for a bus than on the edge of Rannoch Moor.

East Highland Way Day 1: Fort William to Spean Bridge

Published 4 February 2015

From small beginnings comes a smelter, an encounter with cattle, a bridge and pain, and a railway station.

This Youth Hostel

Published 1 February 2015

What youth hosteling was all about

East Highland Way: Introduction

Published 28 January 2015

Sometimes you just have to get off your backside and board a sleeper train to the Scottish Highlands.

Rambling Man Walks The East Highland Way

Published 28 January 2015

The lure of the East Highland Way was so strong that some people just have to hoist rucksacks on their backs, and rush to the train station with a good friend to do it. And who wouldn’t?

East Highland Way Photos

Published 28 January 2015

From Fort William to Aviemore, in September 2014.