16 Cracking Sights You’ll Never Forget About Walking the London LOOP

Published 7 December 2016

Forget what you think walking in London may be like, for walking the London LOOP will give you experiences like no other walking trail.

At the start of the Cumbria Way

Published 30 November 2016

A small sign, a bin, oh and a large sculpture. Great sights at the start of the Cumbria Way in Ulverston.

Thames Path Stage 18 (Part 2): Buckland to Lechlade

Published 23 November 2016

Back to the river, a promising return, hailstones the size of golf balls, a problem, and another, and another.

Thames Path Stage 18 (Part 1): Newbridge to Buckland

Published 16 November 2016

Flood, flood, glorious flood. There’s nothing quite like it for soothing the blood.

Thames Path Stage 17 (Part 2): Pinkhill Lock to Newbridge

Published 9 November 2016

Away from the river, a mysteriously absent ferry, flooding, mudding and then, finally, some drinking.

Thames Path Stage 17 (Part 1): Oxford to Pinkhill Lock

Published 2 November 2016

Oxford by day, a stroll down the river, an unpaid toll, and a lock that’s not pink and not on a hill.

Thames Path: An evening in Oxford

Published 26 October 2016

Bicycles, wet, oh so very wet streets, students everywhere, and drinking with (and without) Inspector Morse.

Updating the Planning a Walk section for 2016

Published 19 October 2016

Links, buses, pubs, shops and more; everything gets a full check in the annual review of the Rambling Man ‘Planning a Walk’ section.

The Coast to Coast National Trail

Published 12 October 2016

There’s a campaign to upgrade the Coast to Coast to National Trail status, and it probably can’t come too soon.

The Trespass Trail (Part 2)

Published 5 October 2016

In part two of my journey along the Trespass Trail, I leave the sides of Kinder and head back to New Mills in order to be collared by the law.

The Trespass Trail (Part 1)

Published 28 September 2016

The Kinder Trespass has, over the years, obtained near mythical status. And there’s now a walking route to celebrate it all. Naturally I had to go for a walk.

Is it safe to walk alone? (The answer is yes!)

Published 21 September 2016

It’s a question that gets asked a lot. Is it safe to go walking on your own? The answer is an absolute emphatic yes!

Who would sit on a bench like this?

Published 14 September 2016

Sometimes you just want to rest on a bench. But are all benches actually designed for sitting on?

At the start of the Pennine Way

Published 7 September 2016

What will greet you when you arrive at the start of the Pennine Way in Edale.

The Rambling Man Summer Break

Published 20 July 2016

There’s not going to be much happening here over the summer of 2016, and this is why…

Rambling Man Walks the London LOOP

Published 13 July 2016

There was beauty to be find in the boundaries of the capital, of that I was sure. So I set off to find it by walking the LOOP. Along the way I found London really was hiding some wonderful gems.

Planning a London LOOP walk

Published 6 July 2016

Get prepared for your own journey around the edge of Greater London.

London LOOP Gallery

Published 29 June 2016

What an orbital walk around the capital of the UK looks like.

London LOOP Epilogue – Farewell London

Published 22 June 2016

The LOOP is done, and it’s time for this walker to head home. A new home. A new home not in London.

London LOOP Stage 13 Part 2: Rainham to Purfleet

Published 15 June 2016

It’s the last few miles along the Thames, passed industry, concrete barges and a former landfill site.