Another 15 Things You’ll Never Forget About Walking the Pennine Way

Published 27 April 2016

Because the Pennine Way is an amazing walk, and this is a list of reasons why.

London LOOP Stage 9 Part 2: Elstree to High Barnet

Published 20 April 2016

After a morning of dreariness and despondency, the LOOP tries a little to make things interesting. But only a little.

London LOOP Stage 9 Part 1: Hatch End to Elstree

Published 13 April 2016

The section of the London Outer Orbital Path with few redeeming features.

London LOOP Stage 8: Uxbridge to Hatch End

Published 6 April 2016

From canals to woodland, the LOOP shows a wide range of its attractions, and a provided a pub that was certainly a bit more specialised than some of the others it goes past.

The Thames Path: A better ending?

Published 30 March 2016

At its eastern end, the Thames Path National Trail finishes next to the mighty metallic wonder of the Thames Barrier, not far from Woolwich. But is there a better place that this mighty long distance trail to end?

London LOOP Stage 7: Hatton Cross to Uxbridge

Published 23 March 2016

Who doesn’t love a good canal? The LOOP certainly did. And airports. And business parks too…

London LOOP Stage 6: Kingston to Hatton Cross

Published 16 March 2016

The day starts with deer in the glorious Bushy Park, goes on to visit a cracking pub (and one less so), before finishing at the joy of a dual carriageway.

London LOOP Stage 5 Part 2: Ewell to Kingston-upon-Thames

Published 9 March 2016

It’s an afternoon mostly spent along one river, until arriving at a far bigger one in the bustling town of Kingston-upon-Thames.

London LOOP Stage 5 Part 1: Coulsdon to Ewell

Published 2 March 2016

The LOOP offers Lake District diversions and a completely unexpected explosion of purple as it makes its way to Ewell.

The mysterious tale of Kallebu

Published 24 February 2016

Or, when going on a walk allows you to randomly discover something utterly magical that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

15 Things You’ll Never Forget About Walking the Pennine Way

Published 17 February 2016

It’s easy to think of the Pennine Way as 268 miles of drudgery, yet there are some fine moments on the walk and some great memories. Memories such as these…

Pennine Way: Epilogue

Published 10 February 2016

Four years after finishing the Pennine Way, and many more since we’d last been there, we revisit old haunts and say hello again to an old friend.

Pennine Way Stage 20: Windy Gyle to Kirk Yetholm

Published 3 February 2016

The end is near. Kirk Yetholm is but a few more miles away. First though there’s the Cheviot to visit, the Hanging Stone to admire and a strange man to escape.

Pennine Way Stage 19: Byrness to Windy Gyle

Published 27 January 2016

After being thwarted at the last hurdle, we were back in Byrness and this time the weather wasn’t going to stop us getting to Barrowburn Farm on the penultimate day of our Pennine Way walk.

Pennine Way: Snowed In at Byrness

Published 20 January 2016

A day which should have been spent traversing the Cheviots and doing the final push to Kirk Yetholm, is instead spent looking at fallen snow and playing board games.

Pennine Way Stage 18: Bellingham to Byrness

Published 13 January 2016

Mist is filling the air, and rain is falling, as we head into one of the most remote parts of the Pennine Way. And all just in time for some extremely inclement weather.

Pennine Way Stage 17: Once Brewed to Bellingham

Published 6 January 2016

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. But despite the rain, two hikers head off Hadrian’s Wall, and out into the wilderness of Northumberland.

A Snowy Scene for Christmas (sort of)

Published 23 December 2015

Christmas is almost here, so let us celebrate with a photo of snow.

2015: A Year In Walking

Published 16 December 2015

It’s December and that can only mean one thing: the compulsory ‘review of the year’ post.

Pennine Way Stage 16: Greenhead to Once Brewed

Published 2 December 2015

A lie-in, the clocks going back, terrible service in a pub and pouring down rain can do little to spoil the fact that we’d made it to Hadrian’s Wall!