London LOOP Stage 1: Erith to Slade Green

Published 1 July 2015

Setting forth on the London Outer Orbital Path by accident.

A fell-top picnic

Published 28 June 2015

Introducing a small child to the fun of eating lunch whilst being battered by the wind.

Photographing and sharing: 10 years of using flickr

Published 24 June 2015

It’s been ten years since I purchased a digital camera, and uploaded the results online.

Users of this field do so at their own risk

Published 21 June 2015


The easiest cheese sandwich for the long distance walker

Published 17 June 2015

Ditch the pre-made plastic triangles sandwiches, and over-cooled shrinkrapped rolls, and make your own tasty lunch!

Huts on the hillside

Published 14 June 2015

Shimmering in the sun; a delightful view from the Queyras Alps in France.

Pennine Way Stage 8: Malham to Horton-in-Ribblesdale

Published 10 June 2015

When you start the day with Malham Cove, you may think things could only get worse. You’d be wrong.

Sights seen whilst out walking #354671: Elmo driving a JCB

Published 7 June 2015

And if that’s not a scary thought, I don’t know what is.

Pennine Way Stage 7: Gargrave to Malham

Published 3 June 2015

Heavy rain and a dead sheep. Perhaps not the best way to start walking the Pennine Way.

Smargill Viaduct

Published 31 May 2015

Much of what we believe as a nation makes beautiful countryside has actually been guided by human hand.

Pennine Way Stage 6: Earby to Gargrave

Published 27 May 2015

Grassy fields, canals and farmland? Is this really the Pennine Way?

Pub Food

Published 24 May 2015

Just what you want to see when its lunchtime and you’re out walking.

Pennine Way Stage 5: Ponden to Earby

Published 21 May 2015

Ponden is left behind for a journey over the moors, past a pub that is no more, and along a highly ‘dangerous’ old railway line.

Pennine Way Stage 4: Hebden Bridge to Ponden

Published 19 May 2015

The wild moorland throws up some surprises in the form of a mecca for Japanese tourists who have all come to see a place that certainly isn’t Wuthering Heights.

At the top of a fell, and this time wide awake

Published 17 May 2015

My son reaches a hill summit without being asleep.

Pennine Way Stage 3: Diggle to Hebden Bridge

Published 13 May 2015

The rain is coming down, providing the perfect look for a trip across stone-topped moors, over the M62 and up to Stoodley Pike.


Published 10 May 2015

Idyllic bothy on the banks of Loch Lomond, on the West Highland Way.

Pennine Way Stage 2: Crowden to Diggle

Published 6 May 2015

Sherpas carry some luggage as the trail heads over to a morass of peaty pools, and past a famous snack van.

A field of yellow

Published 3 May 2015

The rape plant is distinctive on the landscape, and cracking on the plate too.

Pennine Way Stage 1: Edale to Crowden

Published 30 April 2015

From the Old Nags Head in Edale, the Pennine Way heads over to a place of walking history, and some big stones.