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The Features section is an ever so exciting collection of thoughts and stuff on long distance walking.

Alternatively, it is where we shove all the stuff that simply doesn't fit anywhere else, like some sort of horrible leaking bucket.

Take your pick.

A walking trail based around public transport is great. But only if the public transport actually works.

Published 10 July 2022

It really shouldn’t be so hard to get round a major city so you can go for a walk at weekend.

The Eyemouth Disaster

Published 10 April 2022

14 October 1881 saw one of the country’s worst fishing disasters, on the Berwickshire coastline.

The Northumberland Coast Path Passport – an experience with trying to use it

Published 13 March 2022

As you pass through towns and villages, get a stamp on your passport. Well, that’s the idea.

The Pennine Challenge

Published 6 March 2022

In 1984 the BBC challenged four teenagers to walk the Pennine Way. for a four part documentary that chronicles the Pennine Way in the early 1980s.

Now you can walk the whole length of the River Thames, from source to sea

Published 30 January 2022

The Thames Path itself may stop at the Thames Barrier, but now there’s one waymarked path that will take you along the Thames to the sea.

The Rambling Man Trail Walking and Wainwright Bagging Review, 2021

Published 19 December 2021

It’s the end of the year. Time to look back and see what happened. Or didn’t happen. Or both.

An epic adventure just to get to the start of a walk?

Published 12 September 2021

When getting to the start of a walk, and back home from the end of the walk, can be almost as much of an adventure as the walk itself.

My advice for long distance walking trips in the summer of 2021? Book your table for the pub before you go

Published 18 July 2021

This one simple trick can save you from going hungry!

The National Trails Register

Published 13 June 2021

How many trails have you done? The LDWA’s National Trail Register wants to know.

Three days of walking I’d rather forget about

Published 9 May 2021

When you’re out doing a walking trail you have to be prepared for the rough as well as the smooth. But that doesn’t mean you’ll want to remember every single bit of it.

The Children’s Inn

Published 2 May 2021

Nestling on the edge of the Peak District is an old coaching inn that now houses children, and that has a link to a certain mass trespass.

Five things I like about walking

Published 18 April 2021

A recent interview for a podcast made me think about what I like about walking.

Planning for 2021

Published 21 February 2021

I was asked recently if I had any walking plans this year. It’s a fair question. It’s usually this time of year that people start making plans for the year ahead. Planning holidays is the obvious on. But for lovers of trail walking, the mind may also think about what walks they are going to do.

The Rambling Man Wainwrights stats, 2020

Published 27 December 2020

2020 may not have been the best of years, but I did at least get to go up some Wainwrights! And that means it’s time for some graphs and charts!

A Rambling Man Review of 2020

Published 20 December 2020

Most years I do that with a post looking back at my walking year. Relive the walks! Reflect on the mud! Shudder with the memories of the rain! But 2020… So instead I thought I’d share a few of my favourite photographs from 2020.

A Monument to Summer Time

Published 25 October 2020

As British Summer Time ends, it’s time to admire a monument to someone who tried to make it all happen.

My favourite Lake District fell? How on earth do you decide?

Published 18 October 2020

I have a feeling that trying to do so, really is just the route to madness.

The Mountains of Britain

Published 4 October 2020

Where are the mountains of Britain? It seemed like a good time to try and find out.

Three Men In a Boat (To Say Nothing of Another Writer Reading It For Bits He Could Quote In His Own Work)

Published 27 September 2020

Quotes from JK Jerome that I nearly used when writing up my own Thames Path journey. But ultimately didn’t.

Not in Fochabers

Published 20 September 2020

Today I was due to wake up in the village of Fochabers, in the north of Scotland. With some friends, we’d breakfast then head out to walk our second day on the Speyside Way. Disappointingly it was not to be.

Go out for a walk, yes. But please don’t travel too far.

Published 13 May 2020

From today I can drive a hundred miles up the M6 and go for a walk in the Lake District. Even five hour drive to get from Manchester to Dartmoor National Park, for a nice stroll. But this is not sensible. And I won’t be doing this.

Don’t Lose Your Way – helping to bring lost footpaths back to life

Published 22 March 2020

A couple of weeks ago, walkers charity Ramblers launched Don’t Lose Your Way. It’s a project to help find thousands of miles of footpath that could be lost forever.

The power of a good walk

Published 19 March 2020

These are strange times we’re living through. Hopefully they are times of the like that we won’t see again. But we’re living through them none-the-less.

Farewell. We’ll Miss You

Published 31 January 2020

The day has finally, depressingly, come.

The Rambling Man Review of 2019: Part 2 – Wainwrights

Published 19 December 2019

In the second part of the Rambling Man Review of the Year, it’s time to turn attention to the Lake District.

The Rambling Man Review of 2019: Part 1 – trails

Published 15 December 2019

The year is ending, and inevitably our minds turn back to what happened. And go, boy was it wet.

Save money with hostel membership – and more

Published 8 December 2019

Got a walk planned? Planning to stay in a few hostels on the way? Why not consider joining your local youth hostel association?

The Rambling Man Bakewell Pudding Taste Test

Published 13 October 2019

Bakewell is famous for something. Something cake related. And it’s definitely NOT for its tarts.

Wayfarer – the rover ticket for Manchester and the Peak District, and beyond!

Published 25 August 2019

Wayfarer is the bus/train/tram ticket that many people in the North of England didn’t know they needed, but actually do. Especially walkers.

The Rambling Man guide to getting a holiday company to book your long distance walk

Published 21 July 2019

What are walking holiday companies? What to they do? And is it worth using one?

Which walk should I do?

Published 7 July 2019

Every now and then, someone emails me to ask which walk they should do. Now there’s an open ended question, I think, because it totally depends on who you are and what you like. And if you fall into one these categories, you’ll find your answer here! And if you don’t fall into one of these categories, you might not.

Will the real length of the Pennine Way, please stand up?

Published 2 June 2019

When is a 268 mile long walk, not actually 268 miles long? When it’s the Pennine Way!

The 700th post on Rambling Man

Published 31 March 2019

When I celebrate a milestone, it’s usually walking related. But the other day I spotted that I was about to hit a moment in history of this site. The 700th post on Rambling Man.

Wainwright in Numbers, 2018

Published 30 December 2018

You like fell bagging stats, don’t you?

The Rambling Man Review of 2018

Published 23 December 2018

Tis the time when we look back. To think what was. And what perhaps should have been. And what a roller coaster of a year it was. And there was some walking done too.

The Mam Tor bus stop

Published 16 December 2018

A hill that has its own bus stop. Although don’t go waiting for any buses to serve it.

The new and improved Planning a Walk section!

Published 20 October 2018

What’s new in the Planning a Walk section, I hear you ask? As well as "where have you been then?" And no, it can’t be both new and improved…

Pointless National Trail bagging stats!

Published 29 July 2018

Collecting National Trails like you would a Pog? Or a Pokemon? No? Oh well.

Driving to the Lake District and back in a day

Published 24 June 2018

Proving to myself that I can visit the Lakes for a day and be back for bed time.

If you love green signposts, you’ll love the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society

Published 6 May 2018

Dotted around the North West and North Midlands, the Peak and Northern have been helping walkers find their way for over a century.