Walking with the Last Prince and other book news

Published 19 March 2013. Last updated 1 July 2014

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I’ve been dangling the prospect of publishing my series on the Glyndŵr’s Way for so long, that it’s almost like a running joke. After all, I walked it in 2011. But guess what? It really is coming. In April and everything. But if you want to get ahead of the tale, the ebook version is available right now.

Walking With the Last Prince tells the tale of our walk on the Glyndŵr’s Way as we journeyed across the county of Powys. Whilst most of the country seemed to be getting Wills and Kate wedding fever, we had our hiking boots on. It’s available now on Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo stores for around £2.49.

And that’s not all for there is yet another ebook, available as well available in the same formats. Rambling Man Walks the Ridgeway combines all my Ridgeway series in to one e-reader friendly tome, and can be yours for around £1.99.

That enough for you? No. Of course not. One Coast To Another, Doing the Dales Way and The Secret Coast to Coast were originally only available for Kindle, but now you can get them all on iTunes, Kobo and Nook too. And if you use Smashwords you can get ePubs from there too.

Incidentally you may be wondering why the prices vary between formats – why the Kobo price may be different to the Kindle price, and so on. The answer is that for iBooks, Kobo and Nook, the purchase price is set in US dollars, so much depends on the exchange rate when the book gets released by a particular retailer – hence the variation in prices in pounds sterling.

With the two new books, sadly I’ve made the decision not to release the latest two books in PDF format. Whilst I know some people prefer PDFs, sales of them have not been high enough to warrant the extra effort required to create them and make them look beautiful. Where they exist already, they will remain available and I am looking at ways which I can make nice looking PDFs available without too much effort on my part (I can easily make some dreadful looking ones available for you but I wouldn’t want to sell something I wouldn’t want to buy.)

And finally, in related news, Rambling Man Walks the North Downs Way will be appearing at some point soon and I’m investigating which other walks will work in the ebook format. And don’t worry! As well as all this book stuff there will be plenty of stuff appearing on this website too! Keep your eyes peeled guys.

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