(Half of) the Glyndŵr’s Way in Wordle

Published 23 October 2012. Last updated 13 December 2017

The Glyndŵr's Way Wordle

April 2011. I’m in Wales. I’m walking the Glyndŵr’s Way. And I have a notepad. Every night I diligently write down extensive notes. Notes that will make a series of articles for this website; maybe even a book. Who knows.

Sitting in the pub one evening I make plans to start typing it all up as soon as I get back. Hey, I could set it all to publish whilst I’m out on the Southern Upland Way.

Eighteen months on, and I’ve just got over the half way point. But one Saturday morning I finally make finish typing up to the section from Knighton to Machynlleth. 75 miles of the 135 mile journey typed up.

The reasons for it taking so long are simple. No sooner had I finished the Glyndŵr’s Way and I was off on a camping trip to the Lakes (which I did manage to write up) and no sooner had I finished that and I was off on a trip on the Southern Upland Way. And then there was the Southern Upland Way to write up. And a trip to Canada to enjoy. Then I had to find a new job. Then I started doing the North Downs Way. Then I started a new job. Then it was 2012. There was the Limestone Way. Another Lake District trip. More North Downs Way. More Limestone Way. Then there was preparing for our first baby (due very soon).

So we’re eighteen months on and I still have a lot of writing to do on the Glyndŵr’s Way. Maybe I’ll have done it in time for the two year anniversary of completing it. We will see. But in the meantime, enjoy this Wordle of what I’ve written so far. And you can imagine what you are missing out on.

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