Improvements to the Planning a Trip section

Published 20 November 2012. Last updated 2 March 2020

A section of Ordnance Survey's OL1 map
This is OL1. Well. Part of it.

As I noted last year, some of the most popular pages on this website sit in the Planning a Trip section.

It’s a section I make sure I review and update every year because, well, there’s simply nothing more annoying than a useful guide that’s out of date. I’ve been stung by that myself.

So every Autumn I go through and check every post. The walks themselves don’t generally change much, but you’d be amazed at what else does. All the links get checked to make sure they still work, whilst references to specific hostels, B&Bs and pubs get reviewed to make sure they’re still relevant and correct.

And then there’s the cash based aspect of the guides as well. This website was never set up to make money, but people buying books and maps through this site will bring in about £35 this year in Amazon referral fees. I won’t be giving up the day job any time soon, but it pays for a few pints and some food at the end of a day’s walk. Of course that means I have to check that all the products I link to are still available, or haven’t been updated with a newer version or something.

It also gives me chance to do make improvements to the guides for each walk. Last year I went through and standardised them all so they all followed the same format. This year I decided to add some new content based on questions I’ve been asked, and comments I’ve received.

These changes are:

  • addition of a new “What is the walk like?” section – basically a quick overview of the walk, to give you an idea what to expect and what you might see. This was such an obvious addition that probably should have been there from the beginning, but for some reason, it wasn’t. Until now anyway.
  • Finding Accommodation – this section has now been broken down a little to help make finding information easier. There’s now a General Information section which details the basics, including links to accommodation guides where they exist. Most walks will also have sections called Hostels listing hostels and bunkbarns which are en-route, and also one about Camping. For whatever reason, a lot of people have been asking me about camping recently so it made sense to add this in.
  • Guide Books and Maps – a full list of Ordnance Survey maps (both Landranger and Explorer) are provided, and another new addition here is that links to completion certificates will always be listed! Get buying those frames for your wall now!

In addition there’s new guides coming soon for the North Downs Way and the Limestone Way, as well as the Glyndŵr’s Way should I ever manage to actually type up my copious notes from that trip in spring 2011!

So if you’re thinking about doing your own walking trip next year, why not pop over to the Planning A Trip pages for some help and advice. Oh and don’t forget to buy your guide books too. It’ll pay for me to have a drink or two, after all.

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