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The Features section is an ever so exciting collection of thoughts and stuff on long distance walking.

Alternatively, it is where we shove all the stuff that simply doesn't fit anywhere else, like some sort of horrible leaking bucket.

Take your pick.

Another 15 Things You’ll Never Forget About Walking the Pennine Way

Published 27 April 2016

Because the Pennine Way is an amazing walk, and this is a list of reasons why.

The mysterious tale of Kallebu

Published 24 February 2016

Or, when going on a walk allows you to randomly discover something utterly magical that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

15 Things You’ll Never Forget About Walking the Pennine Way

Published 17 February 2016

It’s easy to think of the Pennine Way as 268 miles of drudgery, yet there are some fine moments on the walk and some great memories. Memories such as these…

A Snowy Scene for Christmas (sort of)

Published 23 December 2015

Christmas is almost here, so let us celebrate with a photo of snow.

2015: A Year In Walking

Published 16 December 2015

It’s December and that can only mean one thing: the compulsory ‘review of the year’ post.

The Commando Memorial

Published 8 November 2015

In the highlands of Scotland stands a statue dedicated to the Commandos.

The Wainwright State of Play 2015

Published 7 October 2015

With a summer of hill climbing, it’s time to do some charts and find out the Wainwright bagging stats.

Photographing and sharing: 10 years of using flickr

Published 24 June 2015

It’s been ten years since I purchased a digital camera, and uploaded the results online.

The easiest cheese sandwich for the long distance walker

Published 17 June 2015

Ditch the pre-made plastic triangles sandwiches, and over-cooled shrinkrapped rolls, and make your own tasty lunch!

50 Years of the Pennine Way

Published 24 April 2015

Get out the party hats and balloons, for the Pennine Way is 50 years old.

Video I’m a Rambling Man

Published 21 January 2015

Sometimes people ask why I named this website Rambling Man. Time to make a musical tour to find out.

2014: A Year In Walking

Published 17 December 2014

The year is almost over, so it’s time for the Rambling Man Review of Walking.

Video Roam

Published 3 December 2014

Take it hip to hip rock it through the wilderness

5 Books That Will Make Great Christmas Presents

Published 26 November 2014

Need some Christmas inspiration? Here’s five superb walking related books handpicked by the Rambling Man team

OS Locate App review

Published 19 November 2014

No idea where you are? Enter OS Locate – the smartphone app that gives you your grid reference

The annual updates to Planning a Trip

Published 5 November 2014

Changes ahoy!


Published 29 October 2014

A lunchtime stroll in a place to think in the heart of the capital


Published 22 October 2014

Three years after the idea was originally mooted, it was finally time to head up to the highest point in Wales.

The Great Kendal Mint Cake Taste Test

Published 8 October 2014

It’s well known and much loved, but which Kendal Mint Cake is the best?

The “Walks I Want To Do” List

Published 10 September 2014

So many walks, so little time.

Walking too fast

Published 16 July 2014

Why I won’t be rushing to complete a trail any time soon.

Video Sliding in the snow on the side of Raise

Published 15 May 2014

Snow on a fell side, blocking the path? Just what is a walker to do?

5 lesser known tips for saving money on the trains

Published 30 April 2014

Getting a train on your walk? Get a cheaper ticket!

The Two Car Method of Walking

Published 16 April 2014

Drive, leave one car, drive, leave second car, walk, drive in second car to first. Go home.

The Lion Inn – the best pub on the Coast to Coast

Published 19 March 2014

Sat in the middle of nowhere on the North York Moors, arriving at the Lion Inn is a cracking way to end your day of walking.

Video What to do if you’re stuck in a bog

Published 12 March 2014

Look, you wouldn’t be laughing if you were stuck in a bog!

A Year of Travel

Published 22 January 2014

Looking at where I’ve been, what I paid and more.

Walking Review 2013

Published 30 December 2013

What walking was done, and what wasn’t.

The ultimate hiking fantasy?

Published 16 October 2013

Bill Bryson and his amazing ability to make you want to walk the Appalachian Trail.

Exclusive: the original Southern Upland Way book cover

Published 9 October 2013

What the Secret Coast to Coast book cover could have been.

More maps!

Published 2 October 2013

Get your online maps of the Ridgeway and more, here!

Will the real length of the Dales Way, please stand up?

Published 25 September 2013

Does anyone actually agree on how long the Dales Way actually is?

Video Sam’s First Fell

Published 12 September 2013

Baby, meet fell. Fell, meet baby.

Video The Great Wall of Low Pike

Published 15 August 2013

Walk on the Fairfield Horseshoe and you’ll find a wall. A big wall. A great wall in fact.

Bagging the Wainwrights whilst visting the Lakes

Published 16 July 2013

Is it possible to do twenty Wainwrights in a trip to the Lakes?

A new advertising and commercial policy

Published 14 July 2013

A new policy on what we do and what we won’t do

Video The Search for Scafell…

Published 10 July 2013

…and a saunter up Slight Side

Packed lunches – not the best thing about walking

Published 3 July 2013

In France packed lunches can be truly amazing. So why in Britain do we get soggy sandwiches and a packet of crisps?

The Tan Hill Inn – the best pub on The Pennine Way

Published 26 June 2013

A duck resting in a tin bath next to a roaring fire? What’s not to love about this pub?

Walking a straight line up the country?

Published 12 June 2013

What would walking 273 miles of the Greenwich Meridian reveal about Britain?