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The Features section is an ever so exciting collection of thoughts and stuff on long distance walking.

Alternatively, it is where we shove all the stuff that simply doesn't fit anywhere else, like some sort of horrible leaking bucket.

Take your pick.

A Lakeland Adventure – Day 1

Published 16 June 2011

Although Rambling Man is about my long distance walking, funnily enough I do do other kinds of walking, which usually consists of wandering round the delights of the south east of England on a Saturday due to me being based in London. And recently I spent a few days in the Lake District.

Glyndŵr’s Way: the Photos

Published 5 June 2011

It’s taken me nearly a month to upload my photos from walking the Glyndŵr’s Way in April, and the last ones went up this morning.

The hiking boot flower pot

Published 31 May 2011

I recently retired yet another pair of hiking boots. I’d barely had them two years but in that time I reckon I’d done 800 miles in them, and done some pretty big stuff.

Video The first cup of tea

Published 29 May 2011

I recently went on a camping/walking trip to the Lake District. There will be some more blog posts on that, however before that it’s time to enjoy a Rambling Man first. First vlog. And first cup of tea.

Say hello to Rambling Man

Published 27 May 2011

“I know! I’ll create a walking site!” I said, and six months after registering the domain name, Rambling Man was finally born.

Looking for a dungeon? In Australia?

Published 19 April 2011

Sorry Bing, but I’m after a famous pub in Cumbria where grizzled mountain walkers all congregate telling tales of Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags, and not a dungeon in the Australian town of Ghyll…

Grand Walking Plans 2011

Published 11 March 2011

2010 was a year of walking. But so is 2011. I’ve got another year of insane amounts of the stuff planned once more. Yay! So what’s the plan then Stan?

Announcing the launch of One Coast To Another

Published 18 November 2010

Yes it’s finally arrived – the e-book, One Coast To Another, has finally hit the e-shelves!

Grand Walking Plans 2010

Published 29 April 2010

Just after Christmas Catherine and myself began to think about our various holiday plans for the next year. The result somehow ended up being a plan that would essentially see me try to complete four long distance paths over the course of 2010.