Photographing and sharing: 10 years of using flickr

Published 24 June 2015

The first photograph I took on a walk – a shot near Devil’s Dyke in Sussex

It was ten years ago today that I uploaded my very first photograph on photo-sharing website flickr. And I’m still a regular user.

2005 is the year I purchased my first proper digital camera – a Kodak EasyShare CX7530 Zoom that had an amazing 5 Megapixel sensor (and a 3x optical zoom!) Powered by 2 AA batteries, and at the time filled with a 512Mb memory card, I bought the camera a trip to Iceland. The EasyShare broke a few years ago, having been relegated to the position of “backup camera” (a role now performed by my phone which also has a 5 Megapixel camera.)

That first photograph to flickr was not of Iceland, but of my other half sat on Brighton beach. It would take a few weeks before the camera headed out on a walk, and the results were posted online.

I uploaded a mere four photographs from our trek between Hassocks and Shoreham-by-Sea on 16 July 2005, and the first I uploaded was of the view from a hill a short stroll away from Devil’s Dyke, a few miles out from Brighton, shown above. The second was a photograph of myself (taken by Catherine), sat on the hillside, which for many years would be used as the masthead image on my now shuttered personal blog. Indeed, it’s still there.

My good self, sat on a hill near Devil’s Dyke, Sussex

It took me a while to get into photography. All my previous photographic exploits had been done on film, and the results were generally not very good. I’d snap away on my 35mm camera, fill the roll, get the shots back and find most of them were way over-exposed, badly framed or just general rubbish. The camera just sat unloved in a box. But the power of digital suddenly opened everything up for me – as I suspect it did for many others. You could check your photograph, delete it if it was crap, and do another. Duff ones could also be cropped or tweaked to perfection (sort of) on the computer. It was another world.

And most of all, you could share your photographs to the world. And the place I did so was flickr. I still do. Over the years I’ve uploaded 12,000 photographs to flickr, equating to 100 a month. Flickr tells me that I use up 41Gb of data. It’s a far cry from the 36 or so a year of photographs I used to take.

The photographs on my flickr account cover all aspects of my life. Holidays, family snaps, random trips. Some are barely viewed, whilst one (of a train on the Isle of Wight) has had 23,000. But the focus of most of my photographs?

Why, walking, of course.

With a nod to Diamond Geezer and his own post on 10 years of using flickr posted earlier in the year

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