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Published 27 May 2011. Last updated 17 February 2020

Old hiking boots used as flower pots at Kirk Yetholm, near the end of the Pennine Way

Back in 2005 I wrote a series of blog posts about visiting Iceland. In some ways the idea behind it was a bit like “What I did on my holidays”. However people read them and I had a few emails about things I’d written. And I decided to keep on writing such posts.

I mostly did them for main holidays in exciting destinations, but in 2009 I walked the Cumbria Way. It was the first time I’d done a long distance walk by myself and with not a lot to do in the evening besides drink beer and read Lord of the Rings in YHA common rooms, I got a notebook out and started writing about my trip. When I got back I typed it all up and put it on my blog.

The writing was fun, and people seemed to like reading it. So when I did the South Downs Way, the note book came with me too. And the Dales Way. And the Coast to Coast. The blog posts followed. Two e-books appeared. People kept asking me what I was doing next. And most of all, I was enjoying myself.

And I was writing a lot. The Coast To Coast alone was oodles of pages, and my walking posts were about telling stories. I began to think that it just didn’t think in alongside more mundane matters of bus tickets, websites and other random topics that I filled my blog pages with.

“I know! I’ll create a walking site!” I said, and six months after registering the domain name, Rambling Man was finally born. Over the last few weeks I’ve been quietly moving walking related content over there and away from Bods’s Blog.

From now on, everything walking related will be found on Rambling Man. But if you’re a regular reader of Bods’s Blog, there’s no need to worry about missing out. The latest Rambling Man entries and updates will be included on the homepage and feed of Bods’s Blog for the foreseeable future whilst Rambling Man settles in. Once you click on them, you’ll just be taken to the glorious green rural tones of Rambling Man instead of the blue of Bods’s Blog. Indeed you may already be doing just that.

And for those who skip over my walking related blog posts in dread, well do not fear – Bods’s Blog will continue as it always has.

I’m really looking forward to developing Rambling Man. I’ve a lot of great ideas coming up, and of course all the details from yet more walks. Stay tuned. It’s going to be great.



27 May 2011 at 1:11 pm

Hi Andrew

Discovered you Bods’s Blogs many months ago, drawn by the walking elements, but have enjoyed many of the other pages too, even if I didn’t understand them. Best of luck with Rambling Man I’m sure it will be a sucess. I’ll add it to my Blog List.


Andrew Bowden (Rambling Man editor)

31 May 2011 at 10:02 pm

Oh the other blog is perfectly understandable. Just as long as you have my warped brain ;)

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