The 700th post on Rambling Man

Published 31 March 2019. Last updated 9 September 2020

No Way!
700 posts? No way

When I celebrate a milestone, it’s usually walking related. But the other day I spotted that I was about to hit a moment in history of this site. The 700th post on Rambling Man.

This site launched in May 2011, although the first post wasn’t the oldest. About 70 pieces moved over from my old blog. That more general blog’s been on indefinite hiatus for quite a few years. The result is that the oldest thing on the site are my tales of walking the Cumbria Way back in 2009.

Over the last eight years, this site has grown and developed. My writing has improved too! Although it’s possible not everyone agrees. When I write about a walk now, I write a lot more now than I did back then. I try to write things so they read more as a story, that flows gently from one thing to the other. I try not to talk about things that are a bit more repetitive or dull. I try to have less spelling mistakes! I run things through grammar checkers and stuff like that. I try to write about a walk as a cohesive whole, split into chapters, rather than individual pieces. And I generally don’t tell you what I had to eat, or what beer I drank. Cos who cares?

Sometimes you just need to stand next to a giant map on a wall

It also seems to take me longer to write stuff as well. Partly that’s down to the above. And partly that’s to do with the competing demands on my time that I now have. When I started this website, I didn’t have children. Now I have two. In 2011 I could write stuff up a lot quicker. My Cumbria Way pieces went up within weeks of having finished the walk. In contrast by the time my Yorkshire Wolds Way series finishes, it will have been nearly a year since I walked the trail. Trying to catch up on the backlog of content I have is quite tricky. I can’t get stuff written fast enough!

One thing hasn’t changed though. This site is still written for one person. Me. This site scratches an itch I have to write about stuff. That other people appear to appreciate it is always a bonus. But when you run a website as a personal venture, you have to be interested in it.

Still, all that said, here’s for another 700 posts. Whenever that might happen, anyway.



11 April 2019 at 8:43 pm

‘Still, all that said, here’s for another 700 posts. Whenever that might happen, anyway’. I hope so!

Thanks for sharing. I am much enjoying the stages of the London Loop at the moment.

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