The Rambling Man books now on Kobo

Published 27 December 2012. Last updated 1 July 2014

Another Southern Upland Way kist

For some time, I’ve made my tales of the Coast to Coast, Southern Upland Way and the Dales Way available as PDF downloads and on Amazon Kindle for a small fee, as well as allowing free and unfettered access on this website.

This is good. But even better is that all three are now available for Kobo as well. So if you’ve got a Kobo and fancy reading Rambling Man on the move, well you can.

All three books are now available – One Coast to Another, The Secret Coast to Coast and Doing the Dales Way are all available now for very reasonable prices! So if you’ve got a Kobo for Christmas and want something to read, well you know where to go.

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