To Walk Is To Live

Published 7 June 2017. Last updated 20 May 2020

Many years ago, I walked the Dales Way. On one particular morning I was strolling along, rucksack digging into the shoulders somet rotten, but feeling pretty good about being out and about. Then I saw a small metal plaque on a signpost, with a drawing of a face and the words “Keep Going!”

Well you didn’t need to tell me twice. I wasn’t in the mood for stopping. But there have been other days when things haven’t gone so well. When the rain’s lashing down, and your boots are full of water. When you’ve got lost and found yourself going miles out of your way. When you’ve ended up putting your foot in the wrong place and suddenly you are up to your waist in peak bog. Those are the days when you sit there wondering why the hell you’re still putting yourself through the torture.

Why? Oh for goodness sake, why?

Two people know why. They are Ethne and Peter Bailey and in 2010 they put a message underneath a signpost. A simple message.

To walk is to live.

So when something is getting you down, take heed of their call. And put your best foot forward, and enjoy your journey once more.

As it happens, the year they put that message up there was the same year I walked the Dales Way.

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