Miracle cream – the wonders of Ibuprofen Gel

Published 14 January 2018

The medicine always in my first aid kit. Well, almost always.

Pointless Wainwright bagging numbers

Published 7 January 2018

Random numbers put on a page, about Wainwrights, and all for no particularly good reason.

Wainwrights in Numbers, 2017

Published 27 December 2017

Let’s all look at graphs that show how well I’ve been doing with my fellbagging in the Lakes!

Hartsop above How

Published 17 December 2017

A hill overlooking the village of How? No. Not quite…

St Sunday Crag

Published 10 December 2017

The fell with a strangely religious name.


Published 3 December 2017

The overlooked one that doesn’t really suggest much of a reason not to overlook it.

Arnison Crag

Published 26 November 2017

Only a mile’s walk from Patterdale, but oh what a view!

Patterdale Village Store

Published 19 November 2017

There’s a shop that is an important one in the world of Wainwright bagging. It’s not a massively flashy shop, nor is it one that is particularly large in size. But size and image aren’t everything.

Kidsty Pike

Published 12 November 2017

Re-visiting a fell, in rather better conditions than the first time.

High Raise

Published 5 November 2017

A perfect fell on which to worry that you’re doing Wainwright bagging all wrong.

Rampsgill Head

Published 29 October 2017

Simple to visit, but stunning in terms of views.

Bowden Bridge Car Park (or the absurdity of high car parking prices)

Published 22 October 2017

At least you won’t be bothered by cars when you pay homage to the Kinder Tresspassers.

The Knott

Published 15 October 2017

A lovely fell thoroughly ignored by most of the people walking past it.

The Nab

Published 4 October 2017

Winner of the “Most Awkward Wainwright in the Far Eastern Fells” award.

Rest Dodd

Published 27 September 2017

An easy to find fell, when following the main route of the Coast to Coast. But sneaks up on you if you’ve made a wrong turn.

Angletarn Pikes

Published 20 September 2017

A fell where you can get a grand view of Angle Tarn. When there’s no cloud, anyway.

Wether Hill

Published 13 September 2017

Nearby neighbour of Loadpot Hill, and just as attractive in the rain.

Loadpot Hill

Published 6 September 2017

The 17th highest in the Far Eastern fells. Yes, that’s how exciting it is.

Bonscale Pike

Published 30 August 2017

The fell with two towers to welcome you. Assuming you go up the right path that is.

Arthur’s Pike

Published 23 August 2017

A stone circle, and a Roman Road are passed on the way to a fell perhaps named after a king?