Not in Fochabers

Published 20 September 2020

Today I was due to wake up in the village of Fochabers, in the north of Scotland. With some friends, we’d breakfast then head out to walk our second day on the Speyside Way. Disappointingly it was not to be.

At the end of the Yorkshire Wolds Way – and the start of the Cleveland Way

Published 13 September 2020

A delightful stone monument with a seaside view.

Beverley Brook Walk

Published 6 September 2020

A short and very pleasant walk along a small river in South West London.

How now brown cow

Published 30 August 2020

It’s been six years to the day since I saw this cow.

At the start of the Southern Upland Way

Published 23 August 2020

A wooden shelter in an attractive little harbour.

The trail in a tunnel

Published 16 August 2020

Trails on old railway lines often go a bit haywire when they reach an old tunnel. Not so the Monsal Trail, which the White to Dark follows in part.

A face in the rocks

Published 9 August 2020

A pre-lockdown smile on a family outing.

The autumnal colours of Borrowdale

Published 2 August 2020

Browns, rusts, golds and more. In the right place, autumn looks amazing.

At the start of the Downs Link

Published 26 July 2020

A small stone monument near the top of the hill sets you off on an adventure connecting the North and South Downs Way.

The Wizard In The Water

Published 19 July 2020

Scale Force, in the west of the Lake District.

Great Crag

Published 12 July 2020

Spoiler. This fell, near Borrowdale, isn’t as great as its name suggests.

At the start of the Coast to Coast

Published 5 July 2020

Is it a monument? A wall? Or a very well built thing extremely over-engineered for the purposes of putting a sign on?


Published 28 June 2020

A rather grassy lump that provides the very definition of the Central Fells.

Werneth Low

Published 21 June 2020

Werneth Low is a hill. It’s not a particularly big hill. But it has good views. And a very popular pub.

Sergeant’s Crag

Published 14 June 2020

A walk to a fell alongside a wall. With lots of heather.

Wild flowers in a field of wheat

Published 7 June 2020

A photograph that has everything. Wheat. Wild flowers. A very tall person walking in the distance. What more could you want?

Eagle Crag

Published 31 May 2020

The fell that looks like a ball of clay has been thrown on top of another ball of clay.

Dreaming of a night in the tent

Published 24 May 2020

Who wouldn’t like a night under canvas right now?

Grange Fell

Published 17 May 2020

The fell walk where you can combine a great view, with a visit to a giant boulder with a ladder on it.

Go out for a walk, yes. But please don’t travel too far.

Published 13 May 2020

From today I can drive a hundred miles up the M6 and go for a walk in the Lake District. Even five hour drive to get from Manchester to Dartmoor National Park, for a nice stroll. But this is not sensible. And I won’t be doing this.

At the start of the London LOOP

Published 10 May 2020

The LOOP starts at a railway station in Erith. It’s nice enough, but I don’t have a photograph of it. So let’s concentrate on something near the start instead.

The hidden beaches of Pembrokeshire

Published 3 May 2020

For me one of the most enticing parts of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path are the secluded, isolated beaches it goes by.

At the end of the Ridgeway

Published 26 April 2020

The western end of the Ridgeway isn’t amazing. Is the eastern terminus any better?

Dreaming of Black Sail

Published 19 April 2020

Like many people, I had plans for this year. Plans that – right now – I have no idea whether they will come to fruition. One was to visit Black Sail Hostel.

Hen Comb

Published 12 April 2020

‘Pleasant enough on a sunny day for anybody who doesn’t want to get excited’ apparently.

Gavel Fell

Published 5 April 2020

The third of three fells that sit around Loweswater.

Blake Fell

Published 29 March 2020

The middle of three fells overlooking Loweswater.

Don’t Lose Your Way – helping to bring lost footpaths back to life

Published 22 March 2020

A couple of weeks ago, walkers charity Ramblers launched Don’t Lose Your Way. It’s a project to help find thousands of miles of footpath that could be lost forever.

The power of a good walk

Published 19 March 2020

These are strange times we’re living through. Hopefully they are times of the like that we won’t see again. But we’re living through them none-the-less.

Burnbank Fell

Published 15 March 2020

Right at the far north western edge of the Lake District lies a cracking little fell with some lovely views.

High Crag

Published 8 March 2020

The third of the Buttermere Pikes, and the one with the best views of Black Sail hostel.

High Stile

Published 1 March 2020

The middle fell of the Buttermere Three.

Red Pike (Buttermere)

Published 23 February 2020

It’s a Pike and it’s a bit reddy.

Starling Dodd

Published 16 February 2020

A fell with its own pile of twisted metal at the summit.

Great Borne

Published 9 February 2020

An ascent from Buttermere for a fell that should never be ascended from Buttermere.


Published 2 February 2020

An easy fell to end off a tour of the Newlands Valley?

Farewell. We’ll Miss You

Published 31 January 2020

The day has finally, depressingly, come.

Dale Head

Published 26 January 2020

It’s at head of a dale. So what else are you going to call it?

High Spy

Published 19 January 2020

Who fancies a game of High Spy? I’ll start. High Spy with my little eye, a fell in the Newlands Valley…

Maiden Moor

Published 12 January 2020

The far less frequented neighbour of Catbells.