A Sunday Picture

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Every Sunday at Rambling Man we used to dig in to our photographic archives and excitedly share some of our favourite snapshots of our journeys. That was until 2015 when time constraints put paid to that.

But then in 2020 something happened. And it seemed like a good point to bring it back. Because, why not?

Wham Lane

Published 15 May 2022

In which we talk about 80s pop bands, loud noises and a manufacturer of wastepaper bins, all under the notion of long distance walking.

The lighthouse of St Abbs

Published 1 May 2022

Even in a world of GPS and radio technology, sometimes y

Lindesfarne from afar

Published 20 February 2022

I didn’t make it there. Looking at it from across the water was the best I was able to do.

A Northumblerland castle by the sea

Published 23 January 2022

We haven’t needed to worry about invasion in this country for some time now. Now castles remain only to provide a bit of history. And to look nice as well.

A bird of the Northumberland coast

Published 28 November 2021

Thought provoking public art on the Northumberland Coast Path

Coquet Island

Published 31 October 2021

Because photos of coastal walks looking out to sea tend to look more interesting if there is an island and a lighthouse in them.

Need to stop dreaming of the Lake District.

Published 3 October 2021

n we decided to move out of London in 2014, I spent some time wondering whether I could somehow get a job somewhere like Kendal and live a lot closer.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Published 19 September 2021

If there was ever a sight that sums up the age we’re living in, it’s a sign on a gatepost next to a path imploring you to clean your hands.

When walking a coast path, don’t forget to visit the beach

Published 25 July 2021

A picture of the beach can only mean one thing. Yes it’s time for the traditional Rambling Man Summer Break.

A fine view on the South Downs Way

Published 20 June 2021

You can keep your Severn Sisters and your Beacon Hill. This view at Amberley is what it’s all about.

The battered, isolated red phone box

Published 6 June 2021

In celebration of the fact I’ll hopefully be meeting a friend for a good walk soon, here’s a photo of a phone box!

Oxford Crag and a lovely view of Ullswater

Published 25 April 2021

There are many times when I have been climbing a fell in the Lake District that I come to a point that has an amazing view. And quite often that point is nowhere near the summit.

The South Downs Way – A Sunday Picture Special

Published 14 February 2021

Eleven years ago I set off on the South Downs Way. So what better excuse to look at some lovely photos from that walk.

I’m a sucker for an artistically looking cairn

Published 7 February 2021

It all looks too delicate. Like a strong wind would blow it over. Maybe even a breeze. But it was good to see it whilst it was there.

The stone bridge of Watendlath

Published 22 November 2020

Watendlath Packhorse Bridge is a cracking bridge. But please don’t visit it. I’d rather like to keep it to myself if it’s all the same.

Coniston Copper Mines

Published 1 November 2020

Coniston is no longer industrial. But the industrial legacy certainly lives on.

How now brown cow

Published 30 August 2020

It’s been six years to the day since I saw this cow.

The trail in a tunnel

Published 16 August 2020

Trails on old railway lines often go a bit haywire when they reach an old tunnel. Not so the Monsal Trail, which the White to Dark follows in part.

A face in the rocks

Published 9 August 2020

A pre-lockdown smile on a family outing.

The autumnal colours of Borrowdale

Published 2 August 2020

Browns, rusts, golds and more. In the right place, autumn looks amazing.

The Wizard In The Water

Published 19 July 2020

Scale Force, in the west of the Lake District.

Werneth Low

Published 21 June 2020

Werneth Low is a hill. It’s not a particularly big hill. But it has good views. And a very popular pub.

Wild flowers in a field of wheat

Published 7 June 2020

A photograph that has everything. Wheat. Wild flowers. A very tall person walking in the distance. What more could you want?

Dreaming of a night in the tent

Published 24 May 2020

Who wouldn’t like a night under canvas right now?

The hidden beaches of Pembrokeshire

Published 3 May 2020

For me one of the most enticing parts of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path are the secluded, isolated beaches it goes by.

Dreaming of Black Sail

Published 19 April 2020

Like many people, I had plans for this year. Plans that – right now – I have no idea whether they will come to fruition. One was to visit Black Sail Hostel.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Published 22 December 2019

Hope you enjoy your Christmas Day barbecue.

The End

Published 25 October 2015

Wandering off onto the sand, it’s the last edition of The Weekly Photograph.

Old and decaying boats

Published 18 October 2015

Nothing ever lasts forever. Not even boats.


Published 11 October 2015

I would like to live in Sweden, when my work is done.


Published 4 October 2015

Someone must have had a good night in this field in Burcot, Oxfordshire.

All Your Ferns Are Belong To Us

Published 27 September 2015

Here’s to the colour of the forthcoming autumn.

Hens Through Gate

Published 20 September 2015

Just hens? No one else?

Because I’m such a fungi

Published 13 September 2015

Anyone for a video about mushrooms? Well it may happen, but in the meantime, here’s a picture of some instead.

Traditional British Holiday

Published 6 September 2015

Rain? Check. Large expanse of water? Check. Waterproof clothing? Check. Small child? Check.

Because sometimes you just have to cross a motorway

Published 30 August 2015

Next time you’re out walking, why not walk near the M25? You won’t regret it.

What we need is a great big cairn on top

Published 23 August 2015

Don’t like photos of cairns on fell tops? Blame a Grand Canyon ranger.

Moo Moo

Published 16 August 2015

Not entirely sure what they farm there though. Pigs perhaps?

Getting them interested early

Published 9 August 2015

Indoctrinate your child with a love of walking, using a little bit of Dick Bruna.

Photographing rural sights

Published 2 August 2015

Quick! There’s a tractor! Get the camera out!