At the end of the North Downs Way

Published 3 March 2013

The Start/Finish

It’s time for another “At the end of…” picture. As my North Downs Way series has just finished, where better to show the end of?

When I first arrived Dover in 2009 the end of the North Downs Way was marked by a bench in the town centre, but it was recently moved to a new, far superior location on The Esplanade, next to Dover’s seafront.

As well as this lovely Start/Finish line (for every end of a walk is also a start after all – guess I should do a “At the start of…” series) a plaque which shows a representation of some of the things you see on the North Downs Way – history, flaura, fauna and so on.

It’s a subtle and understated monument to the end, given that (realistically) most people visiting the finish line won’t actually be North Downs Way walker. But it’s a rather nice one.

Plus it’s next to the beach. Who is for ice cream then?

Beach near the end of the North Downs Way

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