Published 10 May 2015

The year creeps up on us. Before we know it, it’s almost half way through. The passage of time is something that I often find a little disconcerting despite the fact that it happens every year.

Still, on the other hand, summer is nearly here and that means the good weather will be with us. Hopefully. If you haven’t already, now will be the time to dust off those hiking boots and go on an adventure.

Perhaps your own plans will see you here, outside the Doune bothy on the banks of Loch Lomond. It’s on the West Highland Way, so the bothy stands the chance of being on the busy side. Still though, it’s an idyllic spot.

The exact locations of the bothy can be found on the Mountain Bothies Association website. I point this out because when I did a video called Bothies of the Southern Upland Way, I got a load of flack for telling people roughly – and I mean very roughly, as roughly as I have done here – where the bothies were.

“You don’t tell people where bothies are. People might use them and trash them!” goes the line.

Well yes, idiots may use them and leave litter everywhere. But as long as the Mountain Bothies Association – which maintains most of the bothies in the UK – publicises exactly where its bothies are, there is little point having a go at me for saying vaguely where they are.

And with that said, enjoy the view.

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