Five and a Tree

Published 4 September 2011

It’s Sunday so lets celebrate with another photograph. I love this particular one so much that I got a print ordered and framed it. It sits on my staircase, and originally was going to be sited next to another very similar photograph. They’d go together very well, although for some reason I never did do it…

It was taken in 2006 on a day walk we did with some friends between Hassocks and Lewis, with some of the walk going along the South Downs Way.

Catherine and myself were joined by our friends Tal, Lorna, Jacko and Jane. What I love about the photograph is how recognisable everyone is from their silhouette.

It was a very bright day but if you’re thinking I did any fancy photography tricks to get this, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I just pointed the camera towards the sun and it just worked. I’ve never managed to replicate it unfortunately.

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