Gritstone Trail

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Running from Disley to Kidsgrove, The Gritstone Trail is a 35 mile walk through Cheshire's Peak District.

There's hills, there's quarries (alive and dead), and even some deer too. But don't forget that gritstone is the true reason you're there.

Gritstone Trail: Day 1 – Disley to Tegg’s Nose

Published 18 February 2018

The first of three days spent in Gritstone country, with quarrying a plenty. Oh and a National Trust park, a giant pepperpot and a busy main road too.

Gitstone Trail Day 2 (Part 1): Tegg’s Nose to Sutton Common

Published 4 March 2018

The Gritstone Trail continues with a visit to a former quarry, an active one and a large reinforced concrete telecommunications tower.

Gitstone Trail Day 2 (Part 2): Sutton Common to Rushton Spencer

Published 11 March 2018

The afternoon of day two of the Gritstone Trail features beautiful views, carved owls and a copious amount of mud.

Gritstone Trail Day 3: Rushton to Kidsgrove

Published 16 June 2019

The stone gets left behind for the most part, as the Gristone Trail finishes its 35 mile journey.

Planning your Gritstone Trail walk

Published 23 June 2019

Want to explore Cheshire’s Peak District? Well the 35 mile Gritstone Trail is a great way to do it. Here’s how to plan your own walk.

Gritstone Trail - the trail highlights

Gritstone Trail Gallery

Published 23 June 2019

From Disley to Kidsgrove, running through Cheshire’s Peak District, the Gritstone Trail is a surprising and varied walk.