North Downs Way National Trail

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Heading across the south of England's North Downs and folling the footsteps of the pilgrims of years gone by, the North Downs Way makes its way from Farnham in Surrey all the way to Dover in Kent.

Its 150 mile journey passes along old tracks, through woodland and across chalky downsland. The North Downs Way is also the only National Trail to have two substantial options for reaching the end point.

I walked the North Downs Way between August 2011 and September 2012, with a few sections a few years earlier. And the tale goes a little something like this...

Rambling Man Walks The North Downs Way: Following the Pilgrims from Farnham to Dover

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Introduction to the North Downs Way

Published 8 January 2013

What does an unemployed person do to relax whilst jobseeking? Why, a National Trail of course!

North Downs Way Stage 1: Farnham to Guildford

Published 10 January 2013

Busy roads are left behind as the North Downs Way makes its way past pubs and over golf courses to the fleshpots of Guildford.

North Downs Way Stage 2: Guildford to Westhumble

Published 14 January 2013

Woodland and a vineyard on day two of the North Downs Way.

North Downs Way Stage 3: Westhumble to Merstham

Published 18 January 2013

Forts, memorials to horses and a job offer. It’s all go on the North Downs Way.

North Downs Way Stage 4: Merstham to Otford

Published 23 January 2013

Over 20 miles of roads and motorways. Perhaps not the North Downs Way’s greatest point.

North Downs Way Stage 5: Otford to Cuxton

Published 30 January 2013

There’s some respite from the motorways as the North Downs Way makes its way along never ending tree lined tracks before it prepares to cross the River Medway.

North Downs Way Stage 6: Cuxton to Hollingbourne

Published 6 February 2013

Many bridges, history and a pool table repair specialist. Oh and more flytipping. For shame.

North Downs Way Stage 7: Hollingbourne to Wye

Published 13 February 2013

Muddy tracks, various lanes, a giant chalk cross, a pilgrim hogging a bench and a decision to be made.

North Downs Way Stage 8: Wye to Canterbury, on the north loop

Published 18 February 2013

A decision is made and the Garden of England lives up to its name.

North Downs Way Stage 9: Canterbury to Dover, on the north loop

Published 22 February 2013

It’s the home straight as the North Downs Way arrives at the sea.

North Downs Way Stage 10: Wye to Etchinghill, on the south loop

Published 25 February 2013

Just because you’ve got the end, doesn’t mean a walk is over. Not with the North Downs Way having a southern route anyway.

North Downs Way Stage 11: Etchinghill to Dover, on the south loop

Published 28 February 2013

Heading in to Dover for the second time, via Folkestone and the remnants of war.

Planning your North Downs Way walk

Published 7 March 2013

With excellent transport links to London across most of its course, the North Downs Way is a walk with plenty of options.

North Downs Way National Trail - the trail highlights

North Downs Way Gallery

Published 6 March 2013

From Surrey to Kent; Farnham to Dover. This is the North Downs Way.

Video To Be A Pilgrim

Published 10 April 2013

Just what does the Pilgrim’s Way mean to me?

Video Sights of the North Downs Way

Published 23 October 2013

Let us show you the North Downs Way. In video form. What to see, what to expect, what you’ll find.

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At the end of the North Downs Way

Published 3 March 2013

Granite, monuments and a nice beach in Dover.

Completer Finisher

Published 6 September 2012

Got to finish that walk