Ridgeway National Trail

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A National Trail since 1972, The Ridgeway follows the route of an ancient road of the same name that has been used for over 5,000 years. The modern version is a subset of its ancestor, taking the walker on a trip of 87 miles through southern England, from Overton Hill in Wiltshire to Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire.

It's a journey along a different way of life transporting you away from the world of the car, even if you are amazingly close to London.

We walked most of the route in two stages during the spring of 2011, and then completed it in the Spring 2012.

Rambling Man Walks The Ridgeway: From Overton Hill to Ivinghoe Beacon

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Ridgeway: An Introduction and evening in Swindon

Published 25 April 2011

Prior to doing the Ridgeway, we spent an evening in Swindon. And boy were we glad we did…

Ridgeway Day 1: Avebury to Ogbourne St George

Published 27 April 2011

Having left Swindon, it’s time to do the Ridgeway proper as we head off towards the wonderfully named Ogbourne St George.

Ridgeway Day 2: Ogbourne St George to Sparsholt Firs

Published 29 April 2011

Our second day on the Ridgeway sees more forts, more white horses and a pub playing rave music.

Ridgeway Day 3: Sparsholt Firs to Goring

Published 2 May 2011

Day 3 of the Ridgeway sees us head to Goring with views of kites, power stations and black Labradors.

Ridgeway Day 4: Goring to Watlington

Published 4 May 2011

After a few weeks away, it was once again time to do some more Ridgeway. This time there were six of us, heading off for two days starting at Goring.

Ridgeway Day 5: Watlington to Princes Risborough

Published 6 May 2011

From Watlington, we headed off once more into the sun across more classic Ridgeway walking.

Ridgeway Day 6: Princes Risborough to Wigginton

Published 17 May 2012

After nearly a year away, we arrive back for the final section of the Ridgeway.

Ridgeway Day 7: Wigginton to Ivinghoe Beacon

Published 24 May 2012

As the sun gives way to cloud, we head to the end of our journey at Ivinghoe Beacon.

Planning your Ridgeway walk

Published 31 May 2012

All the information you need to know to get walking from Overton Hill to Ivinghoe Beacon

Ridgeway National Trail - the trail highlights

Ridgeway Gallery

Published 18 May 2011

Photos from walking the Ridgeway which cuts across the south of England.

At the start of the Ridgeway

Published 14 July 2019

Most long distance walks start somewhere convenient. Somewhere walkers can get to easily. A small town with a regular bus service. A village with a train station. That kind of thing. Not the Ridgeway though.

At the end of the Ridgeway

Published 26 April 2020

The western end of the Ridgeway isn’t amazing. Is the eastern terminus any better?

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