Published 13 May 2014

Raise, seen from White Side

The plan was to go to Helvellyn. The plan didn’t happen. Instead I went up White Side, then to Raise and did three Dodds…

As it happened, I barely made it a quarter of a mile along the ridge route to Helvellyn before I turned back and returned to the comforting shelter atop of White Side.

The closer I got to Helvellyn, the more nervous the snow made me. It didn’t take long for me to spot that part of the path up was covered in the stuff. Who knew what it would be like beyond; there was no one heading in my direction who could tell me. What I did know is that I had no snow spikes, and my boot grips weren’t the greatest. In all reality, The path was probably perfectly fine, however I didn’t want to get up there and find myself stuck, or worse.

I ummed and ahhed, but when it comes to fells, I have a moto: they aren’t going anywhere. Helvellyn would wait for another day.

Heading back to the sanctuary of the stone shelter on White Side, I poured over my map and my Wainwright, whilst munching a ham and egg roll. What to do, what to do? It didn’t take long to come up with an answer. Instead of going south to Helvellyn, I’d simply go north instead and visit neighbouring Raise.

With far less snow on its slopes, Raise was the perfect alternative. And it was an easy climb too. Just a little descent and before heading back up again; and all along lovely green grassy paths.

Cairn on the summit of Raise

Grassy for a short while anyway. Raise is a bit of enigma in the area. Most of the fells have luscious grassy tops, but not this one. Instead it goes the other way, featuring grey rocks and stones instead. The pièce de résistance however came in the form of the summit. A gentle crown of spiky rocks. On top of the crown, someone had placed a suitably extravagant cairn; a tall cylinder with a dome on top. The kind of cairn worthy of someone wearing a crown no doubt.

Had it not been so hazy, the views of surrounding fells would have been pretty spectacular too. The haze had its benefits though, giving the Lakes a washed out appearance. And whilst it might not have been particular possible to distinguish Scafell Pike from Great Gable, it was certainly a view to treasure.

Next time: Stybarrow Dodd.

Raise in Video

Snow on a fell side, blocking the path? Just what is a walker to do?

Hmm… I know…

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