The Southern Fells

Wainwright defined the Southern Fells as being those to the south of Langdale, Wasdale and Borrowdale, which means it also gets to include Eskdale.

And there's some fine fells there, including Bow Fell and England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike.

Wainwright bag count: 12 out of 30

Great End

Published 12 August 2015

Could there be a place with better views than Scafell Pike? Yes. There could.

Scafell Pike

Published 5 August 2015

Sometimes you just have to lace up your hiking boots and head on up to the highest point in England.

Slight Side

Published 10 July 2012

Slight Side is one of those fells that fits firmly in to the category of “always the bridesmaid and never the bride.”

Illgill Head

Published 5 July 2012

After Whin Rigg comes Illgill Head. Wainwright says so so it must be true.

Whin Rigg

Published 3 July 2012

With an exceptional view of Wast Water and the North Sea, when Whin Rigg comes calling for you, make sure you don’t ignore it.

Harter Fell

Published 28 June 2012

The larger, taller, more popular neighbour of Green Crag.

Green Crag

Published 21 June 2012

The 26th highest out of 30 in Wainwright’s Pictorial Guide to the Southern Fells, the 489m high Green Crag isn’t exactly a massive fell.

Esk Pike

Published 2 November 2011

I wonder how many people go to Langdale, look at a map or their trusted copy of Wainwright and go “That’s it! That’s the one! I’m going to do Esk Pike!” Hmm. Probably not many.

Bow Fell

Published 20 October 2011

Wainwright tells his readers to “rank Bow Fell amongst the best half dozen” of Lakeland fells. And with a recommendation like that who wouldn’t want to head straight up there and admire the view?

Lingmoor Fell

Published 17 October 2011

No one’s going to shake your hands or slap your back having done Lingmoor. It’s ascent is not the stuff of legends. But the views when you do get up there, well they are legendary.

Holme Fell

Published 3 October 2011

“It is characteristic of many of Lakeland’s lesser heights that what they lack in elevation they make up in ruggedness” said Wainwright on his pages on Holme Fell. And he wasn’t wrong there. Holme Fell may be diminutive coming in at a mere 317m in height but boy are its slopes rugged.

Black Fell

Published 29 September 2011

Chances are you’ve not heard of Black Fell. But you should have.

Also about The Southern Fells

VideoThe Search for Scafell…

Published 10 July 2013

…and a saunter up Slight Side

All Aboard to Eskdale!

Published 19 June 2012

For me, travelling to a walking trip is as much fun as the actual walking. It’s part of the trip. Full of memories.

Wandering around Eskdale

Published 12 June 2012

Over the elongated bank holiday weekend I went on one of my periodic trips to the Lake District.

VideoThe Battle of Bow Fell

Published 26 September 2011

In his Pictorial Guide to the Southern Fell Wainwright told his readers to consider Bow Fell one of the best half dozen fells in Lakeland but after failing to ascend it on a visit in May, on the the 16 September 2011 Catherine and myself headed to the Lake District in order to have another go!

Looking for a dungeon? In Australia?

Published 19 April 2011

Sorry Bing, but I’m after a famous pub in Cumbria where grizzled mountain walkers all congregate telling tales of Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags, and not a dungeon in the Australian town of Ghyll…