White to Dark

Created to celebrate 25 years of Country Walking magazine, the White to Dark is a glorious trip exploring both sides of Britain's very first National Park.

Starting in the town of Bakewell, in the White Peak, the trail heads north to Eyam, and Hathersage, before arriving in the Dark Peak village of Hope.

It's a walking trail that allows you to explore some of the best scenery in the Peak District, and all easily done in three days. What more could you ask for? So come on, hoist on your rucksack, tie your boot laces, and get going!

White to Dark – Introduction

Published 1 September 2019

It starts in Bakewell, but just what is the White to Dark trail?

White to Dark Day 1 – Bakewell to Litton

Published 8 September 2019

I set forth from Bakewell, see an old railway line, go through a classic Peak District dale, and get rather wet.

White to Dark Day 2 (Part 1) – Litton to Eyam

Published 15 September 2019

The transition to the Dark Peak is up ahead, but sadly the White to Dark doesn’t get Silly.

White to Dark Day 2 (Part 2) – Eyam to Hathersage

Published 22 September 2019

The Dark Peak is entered, there’s tales of ghosts, and stepping stones are crossed.

White to Dark Day 3 (Part 1) – Hathersage to Moscar Moor

Published 29 September 2019

A grave, an amazing edge of rocks, and a huge amount of wind.

White to Dark Day 3 (Part 2) – Moscar Moor to Hope

Published 6 October 2019

A large reservoir, bouncing bombs, and a final hill with a view.

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