Doing the Dales Way

Published 12 March 2011. Last updated 9 July 2022

Take one person and a rucksack, put them in a market town in West Yorkshire, and point them towards Windermere.

If they’ve not instantly leaped in a car, hailed a cab or run to the train station, then chances are that they’re doing the Dales Way.

Andrew Bowden was one such person. And this is his tale.

Fans of thrillers and romance need detain themselves here no further; those of a nervous disposition should look away now. But if you’re after hiking, beer, viaducts and rivers, Doing the Dales Way is the e-book for you as one man heads to the hills to walk from Ilkley to Windermere on the Dales Way.

It doesn’t feature dogs leaping impressively over stiles. Nor does it include an ingrowing toenail or other such gimmicks beloved by travelogues. Although it does include a lengthy section about Ilkley Moor and hats. Unfortunately such things can’t be helped.

What Doing the Dales Way does feature is walking. And ale. Plenty of ale. But mostly walking. Walking through some of Britain’s finest countryside on what transpires to be one of Britain’s loveliest long distance walks. And it has some good pubs on it too.

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