Planning Your Own Walk

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Part of the fun of going on a walking trip is getting it all planned. Well, we say fun. Actually, it can be quite stressful and a lot of work.

That's why we've pulled together a series of guides to help.

Each guide provides suggested itineraries, how to find accommodation and how to get to and from the trail by public transport. There's also recommended websites, guide books and maps too. Where appropriate you'll also find information on how to split up the walk, or where best to have a rest day.

As we've done all the walks listed on this page, you can be sure that each guide is written with the benefit of our experience. To ensure they're always as accurate as possible, we update them regularly. We always do a full review of each on an annual basis, and make adhoc reviews throughout the year.

All you have to do is pick the guide for your walk, and start planning your trip!

Planning your Clarendon Way walk

Last updated 30 September 2021

This little known footpath is short but great fun for spring or autumn.

Planning your Coast to Coast walk

Last updated 2 October 2021

Wainwright’s classic walk across the north of England needs a fair amount of planning, especially if you’re going to do it all in one go. Get all the useful information you need to plan your trip in this handy guide.

Planning your Cumbria Way walk

Last updated 2 October 2021

Probably one of the easiest walks to arrange your trip for, the Cumbria Way can easily be done in a week and has some amazing views too.

Planning your Dales Way walk

Last updated 2 October 2021

Fancy a great walk across the mighty Yorkshire Dales? Of course you do. This guide will provide you with lots of helpful information to plan a trip on the Dales Way.

Planning your Downs Link walk

Last updated 29 September 2021

How to organise your own walk between the North and South Downs Ways.

Planning your East Highland Way walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

The perfect walk to explore the Highlands, whilst also avoiding the crowds.

Planning your Glyndŵr’s Way walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

Everything you need to plan your walking trip through the delightful Powys countryside, on the Glyndŵr’s Way.

Planning your Gritstone Trail walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

Want to explore Cheshire’s Peak District? Well the 35 mile Gritstone Trail is a great way to do it. Here’s how to plan your own walk.

Planning your High Peak Way walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

A glorious trail that takes in many of the Dark Peak’s highlights. Even if it doesn’t actually exist…

Planning your Limestone Way walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

What you will want to know if you want to walk in limestone country.

Planning your London LOOP walk

Last updated 27 October 2021

Get prepared for your own journey around the edge of Greater London.

Planning your North Downs Way walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

With excellent transport links to London across most of its course, the North Downs Way is a walk with plenty of options.

Planning your Pennine Way walk

Last updated 7 October 2021

Everything you need to know (probably) if you fancy walking between Edale and Kirk Yetholm on the granddaddy of UK long distance footpaths.

Planning your Ridgeway walk

Last updated 8 October 2021

All the information you need to know to get walking from Overton Hill to Ivinghoe Beacon

Planning your South Downs Way walk

Last updated 8 October 2021

An excellent walk across some of the finest scenery in the South of England, the South Downs Way’s myriad of local villages and excellent transport links provide many ways to walk it.

Planning your Southern Upland Way walk

Last updated 11 October 2021

The Southern Upland Way is a hugely rewarding adventure but it planning your trip can be very complicated. In one of our most detailed guides, we’ll help you get on your way.

Planning your Thames Path walk

Last updated 18 January 2022

Fancy a stroll up, or down, one of the longest and most important rivers in the United Kingdom? Plan your own walk on the Thames Path with our guide.

Planning your West Highland Way walk

Last updated 27 October 2021

A stunning walk through dramatic Highland scenery. Just who doesn’t want to walk the West Highland Way?

Planning your White to Dark walk

Last updated 11 January 2022

A 27 mile walk through the glorious Peak District you say? Go on, pack your bags and get walking!

Planning your Yorkshire Wolds Way walk

Last updated 27 October 2021

Whilst it may not be well known, the Yorkshire Wolds deserve to be. And you can help get the word out by walking it yourself. Here is how.