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Not so much about the walks themselves, but the stuff you wear, use or just take with you when you do them.

Yes, this is a whole section dedicated to waterproofs, rucksacks, tents and all sorts of other stuff that you may want to equip yourself with when you head out.

A rucksack repaired – just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it needs to go in the bin.

Published 27 November 2022

A tale of old equipment given a new lease of life.

A rucksack for every occasion

Published 3 July 2022

Going for a walk? You probably want a rucksack. I know I do. And I have four.

Army surplus underwear – the long distance walker’s dream?

Published 19 June 2022

They’re designed to help repel bullets and protect against shrapnel. But should a pair of army surplus shorts be in every walker’s rucksack?

Rucksack covers vs rucksack liners – which is better?

Published 26 September 2021

I’ve always dutifully used the raincover that came with my rucksack. But recently when the heavens opened, I found I didn’t have it. But with my belongings all wrapped in drybags, was it even needed at all?

Choosing underwear for long distance walking

Published 30 June 2019

Let’s talk underwear. You can, after all, only carry so much when doing a long distance walk. But thankfully there are ways to tackle the problem.

Ordnance Survey Map Sheet Finder

Published 9 June 2019

What do you do when you need an Ordnance Survey map but you don’t know which one you need? Well you need the Ordnance Survey Map Sheet Finder!

Keep your stuff dry with rucksack liners and drybags

Published 3 February 2019

When you’re on a long walk and the weather isn’t great, make sure you keep your belongings as dry as possible.

Miracle cream – the wonders of Ibuprofen Gel

Published 14 January 2018

The medicine always in my first aid kit. Well, almost always.

A lot of bottle

Published 31 May 2017

In my house there is a motley collection of metal water bottles. Well if you can call having three of them “a collection”.

Reviewed: A-Z Adventure Series Maps

Published 2 July 2014

It’s an Ordnance Survey map, in a book!

Long Distance Walking Equipment Guide: Waterproofs

Published 9 April 2014

Everything you need to know about keeping dry.

Video Camp Food Taste Test 7: Heatermeals Beef Ravioli

Published 3 January 2013

No pan and no stove? What madness is this?!

Video Camp Food Taste Test 6: Travelunch Pasta Carbonara

Published 10 October 2012

Travelunch’s Pasta Carbonara is in the spotlight. Yumtastic or just tragic? Watch the video and find out.

A tip to follow before you lose your camera

Published 8 June 2012

Got a camera? Go out walking with it? Ever thought about what might happen should you lose the camera?

Video Tent

Published 5 June 2012

This time we get down with that age old summer time activity of camping with a good tour of my own tent – the Terra Nova Laser Competition.

Video Camp Food Taste Test 5: Batchelor’s Pasta ‘n’ Sauce

Published 3 May 2012

Hold on to your camp food because Rambling Man is taste testing again!

The wonders of Memory Map

Published 28 March 2012

Memory Map which, should you never have heard of it, is a piece of software for your computer that allows you to work with maps. You can plan routes, print out maps, programme your GPS, plot positions and all sorts.

Video Camp Food Taste Test 4: Travellunch Pasta in a Napoli Sauce

Published 15 March 2012

It’s another Rambling Man Camp Food Taste Test, this time putting Travellunch Pasta in a Napoli Sauce to the test.

Video Travel Tap: The Rambling Man Review

Published 8 November 2011

Water filter bottles. That’s what this video is all about. NO! DON’T TURN OFF YET! IT’S REALLY GOOD! HONEST!

Video Camp Food Taste Test 3: Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice

Published 2 September 2011

In this edition I try out one another amazing walking/camping food options on the market, namely Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice.

Yeti gaiters – is the pain worth the gain?

Published 13 July 2011

Some people swear by Berghaus’s yeti gaiters and they’re used by the military. They fit with a tight seal around the outside of the boot, protecting the laces and seams where water might get in to the boot. But are they easy to get on?

Video Camp Food Taste Test 2: Travellunch Hungarian Beef and Noodles

Published 2 July 2011

Another video camp food taste test. Is Travellunch’s Hungarian Beef and Noodles any good?

Video Camp Food Taste Test 1: Sainsburys Pasta Tubes in a Cheese and Broccoli Sauce Mix

Published 12 June 2011

Whilst on my recent trip to the Lake District (look out for posts on that coming up very soon) I experimented with various “easy to prepare meals” suitable for the solo walker who is camping. And I decided to film the results.

The new tent

Published 16 April 2011

It’s now less than two months to go until my final day at the BBC, which is daunting. However it’s also exciting as it’s less than two months until my final day at the BBC! For that means that my trip to walk the Southern Upland Way is drawing ever nearer.

A good pair of walking boots

Published 28 October 2009

There’s something about a good pair of hiking boots. As you stomp over hill and dale, a good pair will propel you forward and make even the hardest climb feel pretty good on the old feet. They’ll feel part of you.