The Knott

A lovely fell thoroughly ignored by most of the people walking past it.

The Nab

Winner of the “Most Awkward Wainwright in the Far Eastern Fells” award.

Rest Dodd

An easy to find fell, when following the main route of the Coast to Coast. But sneaks up on you if you’ve made a wrong turn.

The Walks

Walking is what it's all about. Well this site anyway.

So delve on in and read the journeys I've taken on various long distance routes in the United Kingdom, by selecting a walk below:

More walks

Angletarn Pikes

A fell where you can get a grand view of Angle Tarn. When there’s no cloud, anyway.

Wether Hill

Nearby neighbour of Loadpot Hill, and just as attractive in the rain.

Loadpot Hill

The 17th highest in the Far Eastern fells. Yes, that’s how exciting it is.

Bonscale Pike

The fell with two towers to welcome you. Assuming you go up the right path that is.

Planning a Trip

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My Books

Don't want to read on the website? Well fear not dear reader, for you can buy books covering the tales of several of my walks.


One of the best things about walking is all the great views you get to see. So why not head off on a photographic tour of the walks I've been on?


Waterproofs, rucksacks, tents and all sorts of other stuff that you may want to equip yourself with when you head out.

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Across Britain are a network of long distance footpaths and trails. Rambling Man is a website dedicated to telling the tales of one Andrew Bowden as he walks some of those paths.

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