One Coast To Another: Following Wainwright from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay

Published 25 February 2011. Last updated 9 July 2022

There are ways to begin walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast. Things that must be done. It’s compulsory. It’s written in the rules.

First you must stride purposefully to the starting point. You must fill your lungs with a deep breath. You must have a photograph taken next to the sign, monument or obelisk that marks the beginning of the trail. And you must proclaim loudly and clearly to all who will listen… “And so it begins!”

Of course it’s best to do all that whilst there is no one else watching. And preferably whilst not wearing waterproof trousers that are three sizes too small for you.

One Coast to Another is the truly inspirational, heart-warming and awe-inspiring book of two thirty somethings who follow hundreds of other people walking from one side of the country to another, just because it’s there.

Following Alfred Wainwright’s route they traverse fells, get stuck in bog, get wet, dry off, drink pints, get dismayed at the lack of pies and wear bandanas of dubious design for 190 miles with one aim and one aim alone. To get a fridge magnet at the end.

What greater reason for doing it, could there be?

This second edition also includes a guide to planning your own Coast to Coast walk.


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