Rambling Man Walks The North Downs Way: Following the Pilgrims from Farnham to Dover

Published 23 October 2013. Last updated 9 July 2022

Andrew Bowden was unemployed and getting tired. Tired of looking for jobs. Tired of thinking about what to say for interviews. Tired of visiting the Job Centre to justify why they should give him some money. Tired of sitting in front of the computer all day waiting for that elusive offer of gainful employment to appear. Tired. So very tired. And that was just after three weeks of doing it.

So, in-between scouring the job ads, he decided to go for a walk on the North Downs Way. When not bombarding employers with CVs, or attending interviews, he headed off on a series of day hikes, exploring the south of England, before finally arriving in Dover, about to face one of the biggest changes of his life.

One even harder than trying to talk to a recruitment agent called Tim.

And for those who are inspired to walk the trail themselves, there’s also a guide to planning your own North Downs Way walk.

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