Rambling Man Walks The Ridgeway: From Overton Hill to Ivinghoe Beacon

Published 19 March 2013. Last updated 9 July 2022

All good journeys start somewhere. There is always a beginning. There is always the place where it all starts.

The place where the journey starts may be amazing. It may be mundane. It may be glamorous. It may be dour. It may be exciting and adventurous. Or it may be besides a road a few miles away from Swindon.

The Ridgeway goes for the Swindon based option to start its journey; a National Trail that follows the part of the absolutely ancient former “green” road known as The Ridge Way.

The modern route is just a bit shorter the original 400 mile one. The National Trail was opened in 1973 and provides a route for walkers connecting Overton Hill in Wiltshire with Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire; an 87 mile route with ancient forts, barrows, white horses, monuments and more. Or, if you’re Rambling Man, you get rural pubs playing trance music and revelations about 1980s television programme Button Moon, that shake you to the core.

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