A new advertising and commercial policy

Published 14 July 2013

Abbey Sauce sign on the side of a building in Ulverston

And now perhaps the most boring post you’ll ever find linked from the Rambling Man homepage… But at least it has a cool picture, eh?

For whatever reason I’ve recently had a flurry of emails asking about commercial activities for this site. Like many website owners, I get these regularly however recently it’s been in overdrive. As such I decided to write an “Advertising and Commercial Activities Policy” for Rambling Man.

If you’re interested in reading that policy (and it may well be that some people are) then you can do so by following the link above. It spells out (hopefully clearly) the things we don’t do, and what we may do if we feel it’s right.

But if you want the summary, it goes a little like this: we don’t sell out and do crap things for our readers – we have our dignity.

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