And so it began…

Published 25 January 2012

Engraved rock, near Sanquhar Castle
Engraved rock, near Sanquhar Castle

If you’ve been watching the site carefully this week you’ll have noticed that the first couple of instalments of my Southern Upland Way series have now hit the virtual shelves of this website.

And because the Southern Upland Way is a long walk (and the longest I’ve written about), new bits will be added every week for about nine weeks. So I hope you’ve got a long attention span. Alternatively you could just buy the Kindle or PDF version which is about 65% bigger which for £3.99 it’s a real bargain! Oh and you get to read it at your leisure too.

It was about six months ago when I walked the route and since then it’s been a long process of writing up my extensive notes and shaping it all into a good, readable travelogue. I’m rather proud of what I’ve created. It’s the longest writing project I’ve done and it reads well. Cutting it down for the website has been difficult – what you’ll find online is a focus mostly on the walk itself so if you want to read about wider experience of a three week walk, and what it’s like to stay in bothies, well that’ll be £3.99 please. Seriously. It’s worth it.

And now that the publishing has begun, I can start on all the rest of the stuff that’s been backing up for Rambling Man.

Recently I finally started typing up my notes from the Glyndŵr’s Way which we walked in April so expect that to hit the website at some point. Also floating around my hard drive are several posts about the North Downs Way and I still need to write about the Clarendon Way which we walked in November. If that’s not enough I’ve so many videos to edit together that it’s unbelievable.

All of that is just to catch up with everything I did in 2011! One thing is for sure. 2012 is going to be a big time for this website. Stay tuned. And whilst you’re here, may I suggest a book you might like?

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