Exclusive: the original Southern Upland Way book cover

Published 9 October 2013

It’s about two and a quarter years now since I walked the Southern Upland Way – a walk I have very fond memories of, and is perhaps my greatest walking achievement.

Whilst I was walking it, I always knew I was going to write a book about it – the book which became The Secret Coast to Coast.

The book took me a while to write, even though I’d written much of the initial draft whilst working. But designing a cover was even harder. The eventual cover selection I love. It was taken next to my wild camping spot on the penultimate day of the hike. I love seeing my old worn boots, dusty from the hiking, next to the stream. Lovely.

But whilst clearing out some files on my hard drive, I found the original proposal. With hindsight I now wish I’d used this instead. I’m sure you’ll agree that it really is far superior. Well apart from the misspelling of Scotland anyway.

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