Spot the Pennine Way map error

Published 14 December 2012

Map of the Pennine Way from the book "Walking Home"

I recently started reading Walking Home, Simon Armitage’s tale of walking the Pennine Way as some sort of modern troubadour who walks the Pennine Way by day, and does poetry recitals by night to pay his way.

It’s called Walking Home as Simon does the route north to south starting in the Scottish border down of Kirk Yetholm and heading down to Edale which is not far from where he lives. Well you can get the idea.

Anyway, as you’d expect, the book has simple map of the route at the beginning so that those not familiar with the Pennine Way can see where he’s going and where he’s gone to (I really should start doing that with my own books…)

On the map little black blobs mark the location of the each of the places he stays/leaves the trail for the evening. And interestingly it features a rather major blunder in it.

Take a look at the map on the top of the page and see if you can see what it is.

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