The Rambling Man Wainwrights stats, 2020

Published 27 December 2020

Relaxing on High Tove

As I said recently, I didn’t want to do my normal end-of-year review because of reasons you probably understand. But whilst most of my walking plans were thrown out of the window this year, I did get to do some Wainwrights.

So that means I can do my annual Wainwrights stats update! And that means charts and graphs! And who doesn’t love a graph?

Wainwrights Visited Per Year

Prior to “the event” I had some big ambitions for 2020. I was going to bag a lot of fells! Well that didn’t quite work out. Normally I’d made a couple of trips to the Lakes in a year, but that wasn’t possible. So every single one of the fells I did visit, were done in a single six day trip to the Lakes in September. It was supposed to be seven, but yeah, the weather.

Still, given the circumstances, sixteen fells in 2020 isn’t a bad tally by any means.

Number of Wainwrights Bagged

This year in Wainwrights, something bigged happened. I am now over half way through my quest.

I had hoped to celebrate this milestone with a trip to the iconic Black Sail Youth Hostel – I had a rough itinerary for a trip where I’d reach the half way point, and celebrate by spending the night in the remote hostel just after reaching that point. That wasn’t possible so instead I stayed the night in a tent in Buttermere. And went to the pub for a socially distanced drink with myself and a good book.

Number of Wainwrights Visited Per Book

No changes this year for several of these – those sixteen fells I visited were in the Southern, Central and North Western areas, leaving other books untouched.

The big increase this year was in the North Western range. Half the new fells I got to were from this book. The Central Fells were a far smaller increase – just three. Although those three put me tantalisingly close to achieving something…

Pictorial Guides Where I’ve Visited All the Fells

Finally a chart that – yet again – has not changed at all since last year. It was close. There’s only four fells left in the Central Fells to do. Had the weather been better at the end of my September trip, I’d have have done them both, and this chart would look very different. Well okay, slightly different.

Getting those four fells will require two days of walking. Now if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that you can make as many plans as you like. But it doesn’t mean they’re going happen. Still. There’s a chance for this chart to change in 2021. Isn’t there?

Before I go this seems like a good point to thank everyone who has used Ko-Fi or PayPal to “send me a beverage” this year. And those who have bought products or accommodation through the affiliate links. Or have simply purchased a copy of one of my books. The money from that helps pay the bills for this website, and also paid for the trip to the Lake District in September. And maybe a beer or two.

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