Clarendon Way

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Not all long distance paths need to be, well, long. If they did, the Clarendon Way wouldn't exist.

For a mere 24 miles the Clarendon Way heads across Wiltshire and Hampshire, connecting the cathedral cities of Salisbury and Winchester.

On its way it takes in a wealth of history and local sights. And helps you stretch your legs too.

Clarendon Way Introduction: A Little Dinky Path

Published 25 July 2012

At just twenty four miles, the Clarendon Way is a long distance path that is, well, rather short.

Clarendon Way Day 1: Salisbury to Stockbridge

Published 1 August 2012

As the mist slowly ceases to hug Salisbury Cathedral, two walkers head on out. Their aim? To get to the pub before it gets dark.

Clarendon Way Day 2: Stockbridge to Winchester

Published 7 August 2012

No sooner has it started and it’s all over. But that’s what happens when you do a 24 mile walk.

Planning your Clarendon Way walk

Published 21 August 2012

This little known footpath is short but great fun for spring or autumn.

Clarendon Way - the trail highlights

Video The Clarendon Way: a little dinky long distance path

Published 5 December 2011

The Rambling Man video camera has been out and about, this time on in Wiltshire and Hampshire on the Clarendon Way.

Clarendon Way Gallery

Published 16 August 2012

Sit back and enjoy the Clarendon Way in photographic form.

Also about Clarendon Way

At the start of the Clarendon Way

Published 12 April 2015

Whether you’re religious or not, starting at a cathedral certainly gives a sense of occassion.

At the start of the South Downs Way and St Swithun’s Way. Oh and the end of the Clarendon Way too.

Published 7 December 2014

If there’s such a thing as a walking trail hub, then Winchester is one of them.