Other Trails

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Not every walking trail needs several days to complete. Some can be done in a day, or even a day and a half.

For this section we include any trail under 20 miles long that is waymarked, or that also is included in the Long Distance Walkers Association's trail directory. Well if they are re happy, then we are happy.

Longster Trail

Published 25 September 2022

A day walk taking you from Chester to Helsby in Cheshire, you say? Oh go on then.

Beverley Brook Walk

Published 6 September 2020

A short and very pleasant walk along a small river in South West London.

Etherow-Goyt Valley Way Part 2: the Etherow

Published 3 November 2019

After spending a morning walking (or not) down one river, the second half of the Etherow Goyt Valley Way takes in a different waterway. And some other things.

Etherow-Goyt Valley Way Part 1: the Goyt

Published 27 October 2019

Two rivers, one 14 mile walk from the edge of Greater Manchester to the edge of the Peak District. And it starts with the River Goyt.

Cown Edge Way Part 3: Chisworth to Gee Cross

Published 9 August 2017

After visiting the star attraction of the walk, just what’s left for the Cown Edge Way?

Cown Edge Way Part 2: Mellor to Chisworth

Published 2 August 2017

After much walking, the object of the Cown Edge Way’s desire finally came into view, but not before visiting a spot for lovers of Robin Hood.

Cown Edge Way Part 1: Hazel Grove to Mellor

Published 26 July 2017

Setting off on an eighteen mile stroll in the suburbs of Stockport, in search of rather hidden and mysterious hill.

Goyt Way Part 2: Brook Bottom to Whaley Bridge

Published 24 May 2017

After a trip to the pub, it’s time to explore one of the highlights of the Goyt Way, and to walk along the canal to Whaley Bridge.

Goyt Way Part 1: Compstall to Brook Bottom

Published 17 May 2017

Walking through the Goyt Valley on the edge of Greater Manchester, from Compstall to Whaley Bridge, via a most excellent pub.

The Trespass Trail Part 2: From Kinder, back to New Mills

Published 5 October 2016

In part two of my journey along the Trespass Trail, I leave the sides of Kinder and head back to New Mills in order to be collared by the law.

The Trespass Trail Part 1: New Mills to Kinder

Published 28 September 2016

The Kinder Trespass has, over the years, obtained near mythical status. And there’s now a walking route to celebrate it all. Naturally I had to go for a walk.

Thames Path Extension

Published 10 December 2014

If walking the Thames Path National Trail isn’t enough for you, then make sure you add on this extension to Crayford Ness.

Wandle Trail

Published 12 November 2014

A wander up one of London’s smaller rivers.

Thames Down Link

Published 2 April 2014

Fifteen miles of walking which connect the Thames Path with the North Downs Way