Cumbria Way

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Starting in Ulverston in this south, the Cumbria Way snakes north on a 70 mile trip to Carlisle, via some of the best scenery the Lake District has to offer.

In August 2009 I walked the Cumbria Way from Ulverston to Carlisle, walking through some of Cumbria's finest scenery, including some of the most stunning parts of the Lake District.

As a walk, it's not very well known, however it certainly is grand.

Cumbria Way Introduction

Published 30 August 2009

I think it’s fair to say the whole thing got off to a slightly dodgy start. Getting travel sick on the train. That just doesn’t happen to me.

Cumbria Way – An afternoon in Ulverston

Published 31 August 2009

There were two reasons I’d arrived in Ulverston the afternoon before setting off walking. One was purely practical. It’s a four and a half hour journey from my house to Ulverston. The second was because I quite fancied wandering around Ulverston and seeing the sights.

Cumbria Way Day 1 – Ulverston to Coniston

Published 1 September 2009

It’s day one and time to walk the first few miles of the Cumbria Way. Well okay. Fourteen and a half miles.

Cumbria Way Day 2 – Coniston to Dungeon Ghyll

Published 8 September 2009

With a mere 11 miles to do, it’s a lovely day for walking from Coniston to Dungeon Ghyll.

Cumbria Way Day 3 – Dungeon Ghyll to Keswick

Published 16 September 2009

From deserted mighty valleys, to the bustling tourist spot of Keswick.

Cumbria Way Day 4 – Keswick to Caldbeck

Published 22 September 2009

The weather has turned once more and it’s a wet and gloomy walk from Keswick to Caldbeck.

Cumbria Way Day 5 – Caldbeck to Carlisle

Published 25 September 2009

It’s the final day – to Carlisle I go and the end of the Cumbria Way. Time to get out the party poppers!

Cumbria Way – The Old Dungeon Ghyll revisited

Published 13 October 2009

In 2000 Catherine and myself visited Dungeon Ghyll, and we’d been told by her dad that we had to pop into one of the pubs in the area – the Old Dungeon Ghyll. Back then I wasn’t that impressed. Nine years on, I was going to revisit…

Planning your Cumbria Way walk

Published 17 April 2011

Probably one of the easiest walks to arrange your trip for, the Cumbria Way can easily be done in a week and has some amazing views too.

Cumbria Way - the trail highlights

Cumbria Way Gallery

Published 6 February 2011

Photographs from my Cumbria Way walking in the summer of 2009.

At the end of the Cumbria Way

Published 28 October 2012

Spoiler: bin lorry depot

At the start of the Cumbria Way

Published 30 November 2016

A small sign, a bin, oh and a large sculpture. Great sights at the start of the Cumbria Way in Ulverston.

12 reasons you’ll never forget walking the Cumbria Way

Published 3 May 2017

The Cumbria Way is a walking trail through Cumbria. And a walking trail through Cumbria is going to be a good one, isn’t it? Well, the answer is ‘yes, it is’.

Also about Cumbria Way

I can see Skiddaw House from here! Honest!

Published 13 October 2013

A mighty view of a mighty youth hostel.

At the end of the Cumbria Way

Published 28 October 2012

Spoiler: bin lorry depot

Looking for a dungeon? In Australia?

Published 19 April 2011

Sorry Bing, but I’m after a famous pub in Cumbria where grizzled mountain walkers all congregate telling tales of Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags, and not a dungeon in the Australian town of Ghyll…