I can see Skiddaw House from here! Honest!

Published 13 October 2013

A track going into the mist, with Skiddaw House hostel just about visible in the distance
I know, let’s play ‘Spot the youth hostel’!

All October it’s “Great Views We Have Seen” month on A Sunday Picture. Which basically can be surmised as this: we show you some great views that we have seen. And we say it in a slightly sarcastic way that perhaps doesn’t come across amazingly in print. Or, at all.

This Sunday it’s a fantastic view of Skiddaw, and especially Skiddaw House which is a house, on Skiddaw. Well, okay, a youth hostel. And as I am sure you will agree, this is an amazing view of that house, nay, youth hostel.

If you want to recreate this fine sight, well you just need to stroll around the Cumbria Way up from Keswick. And wait for the right weather. But it’s the Lake District, so surely you won’t need to wait too long…

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