Camp Food Taste Test 3: Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice

Published 2 September 2011

Get humming the Rambling Man theme tune cos it’s video time!

Yes it’s the third and final camp food taste test video. For series one anyway! And in this edition I try out one another amazing walking/camping food options on the market, namely Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice.

As an added bonus, episode 3 comes from an ultra exciting and very glamorous camp cooking food location!

There will be more from the exciting world of Camp Food Taste Tests in the future. But next month, something else. Hopefully. If I get it done in time anyway…

Eagle eyed viewers may notice a difference between this video and the previous one – namely that in Marmots I had a beard and here I don’t! The reason is that this video was actually recorded in May but has been waiting to be uploaded for a while. Rest assured, I haven’t been shaving lately!

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