Dales Way

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With every intent of walking somewhere like Cornwall, I somehow ended up doing The Dales Way in August 2010.

From Ilkley in West Yorkshire, the Dales Way travels through the Yorkshire Dales before finishing up 84 miles later on the wonderful banks of Lake Windermere. It takes in some of England's finest scenery, and is well worth a walk.

Doing the Dales Way

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Dales Way Introduction – Walking from Ilkley to Windermere

Published 5 January 2011

In August 2010 I prepared to set off on my third long distance path of the year – the Dales Way

Dales Way Day 1 – Ilkley to Burnsall

Published 7 January 2011

It’s day one on the Dales Way in which our walker admires a friendly church, is invited to picnic with the Quakers, toot-toots on a steam train and fights the throngs at an old abbey.

Dales Way Day 2 – Burnsall to Kettlewell

Published 10 January 2011

Day two of the Dales Way sees a church with no tower, rain and a Bods arriving far too early to be started by scarecrows.

Dales Way Day 3 – Kettlewell to Gearstones (and on to Ribblehead!)

Published 12 January 2011

Day three sees more river, even more river, heat, rain, mud and the Pennine Way. Oh some sights truly to behold.

Dales Way Day 4 – Ribblehead to Sedbergh

Published 14 January 2011

Time to bid Ribblehead goodbye and head in to Cumbria in style.

Dales Way Day 5 – Sedbergh to Burneside

Published 17 January 2011

Day five sees farms and viaducts aplenty.

Dales Way Day 6 – Burneside to Windermere

Published 19 January 2011

And so the journey comes to its end, and it finishes in style.

Dales Way – Ending with a trip up Orrest Head

Published 21 January 2011

You could fly all over to ‘see the world’. But you’ll be missing out.

Planning your Dales Way walk

Published 25 January 2011

Fancy a great walk across the mighty Yorkshire Dales? Of course you do. This guide will provide you with lots of helpful information to plan a trip on the Dales Way.

Dales Way - the trail highlights

Dales Way Gallery

Published 5 February 2011

Yorkshire’s Dales and more, photographed in August 2010.

Video Dales Way: Looking up a random hill

Published 17 September 2014

I went up a hill to see what I could see.

Video Dales Way: The Cow-ening

Published 1 October 2014

Hitchcock never wrote that seminal film, The Cows, but if he had, would he have set it on the Dales Way?

Video Dales Way: Crossing the Border

Published 15 October 2014

A momentous part of the Dales Way journey. That actually doesn’t really change much.D

At the start and end of the Dales Way

Published 16 July 2023

What to expect at the Ilkley and Windermere end points of the Dales Way.

Also about Dales Way

Which walk should I do?

Published 7 July 2019

Every now and then, someone emails me to ask which walk they should do. Now there’s an open ended question, I think, because it totally depends on who you are and what you like. And if you fall into one these categories, you’ll find your answer here! And if you don’t fall into one of these categories, you might not.

Will the real length of the Dales Way, please stand up?

Published 25 September 2013

Does anyone actually agree on how long the Dales Way actually is?