Glyndŵr’s Way National Trail

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Walking with the Last Prince: Following Owain on the Glyndwr’s Way

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Introduction to the Glyndŵr’s Way

Published 16 April 2013

April 2011 and the United Kingdom was in royal wedding fever. So what better reason to escape it all and head out to Wales?

The Last Prince: the story of Owain Glyndŵr

Published 18 April 2013

Just who was the last Welshman to hold the title of Prince of Wales?

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 1: Knighton to Felindre

Published 23 April 2013

The Glyndŵr’s Way gets on its way as it leaves Knighton and heads deeper in to Powys.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 2: Felindre to Abbeycwmhir

Published 25 April 2013

Locked gates and handy benches as the Glyndŵr’s Way heads to the ruined abbey at Abbeycwmhir.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 3: Abbeycwmhir to Llanidloes

Published 30 April 2013

It’s hard work but the views are worth it as the Glyndŵr’s Way heads to the market town of Llanidloes with the sun shining brightly.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 4: Llanidloes to Dylife

Published 2 May 2013

Powys’s lead mining heritage, a giant reservoir and dam, a lost camera and a pub in the middle of nowhere.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 5: Dylife to Machynlleth

Published 7 May 2013

Murder, mines and zig-zagging paths to the bright lights of Mach.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 6: Machynlleth to Llanbrynmair

Published 9 May 2013

The bustling town of Mach is left behind as the trail heads on a journey through quieter pastures.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 7: Llanbrynmair to Llanwddyn

Published 15 May 2013

Who would want to watch a Royal Wedding when they can traverse Wales in search of a massive reservoir and dam?

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 8: Llanwddyn to Pontrobert

Published 22 May 2013

Is there actually anyone else in Powys? Why yes! Two very loud dogs.

Glyndŵr’s Way Day 9: Pontrobert to Welshpool

Published 29 May 2013

The bunting is out in Welshpool as we reach the end of the Glyndŵr’s Way.

Planning your Glyndŵr’s Way walk

Published 6 June 2013

Everything you need to plan your walking trip through the delightful Powys countryside, on the Glyndŵr’s Way.

Glyndŵr’s Way National Trail - the trail highlights

Glyndŵr’s Way Gallery

Published 5 June 2011

The Glyndŵr’s Way takes in some of the finest scenery in Britain, taking the walker on a journey through the stunning views of rural mid-Wales. And that means great photos.

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National Trails – from old to new

Published 25 June 2023

In 2025 we’ll be getting a new National Trail. But how long have the others been around?

At the end of the Glyndŵr’s Way

Published 2 June 2013

135 miles of walking had led you to what?

(Half of) the Glyndŵr’s Way in Wordle

Published 23 October 2012

April 2011. I’m in Wales. I’m walking the Glyndŵr’s Way. And I have a notepad. Every night I diligently write down extensive notes. Notes that will make a series of articles for this website; maybe even a book. Who knows.

Sunset over Lake Vyrnwy

Published 9 October 2011

This sunset is of Lake Vyrnwy in Powys, Wales.

Old rusting vehicle near Cammaes Road

Published 25 September 2011

Time for another Sunday Picture and today it’s a picture of a rusting car.