At the end of the Glyndŵr’s Way

Published 2 June 2013

Stone marking the end of the At the end of the Glyndŵr's Way

This fab looking stone marks the end of the Glyndŵr's Way

All walks have to end somewhere. And in the case of the Glyndŵr’s Way, that somewhere is a small bit of parkland next to a canal in Welshpool.

The official ending is celebrated by a small but smart piece of polished stone. Nothing fancy; just an elegant reminder of the miles you’ve walked to get there.

It’s rather understated, but hey, that’s quite accurate of the whole trail. The Glyndŵr’s Way is an understated trail full stop. Not very well known; not very well used. But the stone at the end is a delight to see, and the walk is a delight to do. If you’ve got nine days to spare, you could do a lot worse than head to Knighton and start walking to Welshpool.

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