GM Ringway

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Ever wanted to walk round the whole of Greater Manchester? I admit it may be a bit of a niche proposal. But then so is walking round the whole of London, and people do that.

At 186 miles long, the GM Ringway does just that (and indeed is longer than the London Loop despite Greater London being a tad bigger.) It all starts and ends in Manchester City Centre for no particularly obvious reason given it's a circular walking route.

GM Ringway: Introduction

Published 16 May 2021

Welcome to Greater Manchester’s quite new but very own orbital walking trail.

GM Ringway Stage 1: Manchester to Sale Water Park

Published 23 May 2021

An orbital walking trail it may be, but the GM Ringway starts in the heart of Manchester City Centre.

GM Ringway Stage 2: Sale Water Park to East Didsbury

Published 30 May 2021

Setting off from Sale Water Park station, the GM Ringway now gets into its orbital route properly.