The Langdale Pikes

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The classic Great Langdale walk of near Dungeon Ghyll. Plus some extra fells, depending on what you decide is actually a Langdale Pike.

Walked on 1 July 2013.

Route: New Dungeon Ghyll → Loft Crag → Pike O'Stickle → Harrison Stickle → Pavey Ark → Thunacar Knott → New Dungeon Ghyll.

Loft Crag

Published 22 August 2013

It’s time to hit the Langdale Pikes – starting with the third one.

Pike O’Stickle

Published 27 August 2013

The only Wainwright fell that looks like the result of a giant throwing clay on the ground?

Harrison Stickle

Published 29 August 2013

The main event of the Langdale Pikes

Pavey Ark

Published 3 September 2013

Not really a fell, but is it a Langdale Pike?

Thunacar Knott

Published 5 September 2013

Memorable fell? Nah. Memorable descent? Very much so.