The Wainwrights

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It was never my intent to try to do every Wainwright fell. But somehow I ended up doing so anyway.

This section is broken down to follow the different geographical areas used by Wainwright to divide his Pictorial Guides.

The Central Fells

Sitting between Derwent Water and Borrowdale, and Thurlmere and the Dunmail Raise. Includes such luminaries as the Langdale Pikes and High Raise.

The Eastern Fells

Between the Keswick to Ambleside road, and Ullswater, you'll find the Eastern Fells. Includes Fairfield and Helvellyn.

The Far Eastern Fells

All of Lakeland that is the east of the Kirkstone Pass.

The North Western Fells

Tucked away near Keswick can be found Catbells, Grisedale Pike and more.

The Northern Fells

A large cluster of fells to the north of Keswick.

The Outlying Fells

A selection of fells for the older walker less able to do bigger climbs? Or a mopping up job of smaller fells?

The Southern Fells

Fells to the of Great Langdale, Borrowdale and Wasdale as well as those around Eskdale.

The Western Fells

On the far edge of Lakeland, stand the fells to the West of Crummock Water and Buttermere. A quieter part of the fells but a beautiful one.

Visiting the Wainwrights

Published 5 September 2013

It’s going to take time. But I’ll get them all in the end.

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