The Fairfield Horseshoe

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The classic eight fell walk, with the mighty Fairfield in the middle. Although this tale would be better had I not been to Low Pike two years earlier...

Walked on 25 June 2013

Route: Ambleside → Nab Scar → Heron Pike → Great Rigg → Fairfield → Hart Crag → Dove Crag → High Pike → Low Pike → Ambleside.

Nab Scar

Published 23 July 2013

The first step of eight on the Fairfield Horsehoe

Heron Pike

Published 25 July 2013

It’s not a pike, and there’s no herons on it.

Great Rigg

Published 30 July 2013

The one just before Fairfield, and completely dominated by it.


Published 1 August 2013

The crown of the Fairfield Horseshoe.

Hart Crag

Published 6 August 2013

Fairfield may have been and gone but fell five on the Fairfield Horseshoe is still there for the visiting.

Dove Crag

Published 8 August 2013

A simple stroll for the Fairfield Horsehoe’s sixth fell top.

High Pike (Scandale)

Published 13 August 2013

The seventh fell on the Horseshoe, and my last new fell of the day.